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(re: status bar abbr.) SAG
(Bilgisayar) iç hat
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(Can we clean up() this sense?) The first file system developed specifically for Linux

The first file system designed specifically for Linux, the Extended File system, or EXT, was introduced in April 1992 and cured a lot of the problems but it was still felt to lack performance.

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Ext. is the written abbreviation for extension when it is used to refer to a particular telephone number. the written abbreviation of extension when you mean a particular telephone line
(Film) Exterior
The first file system developed specifically for Linux
Extension, for a telephone system
An additional set of numbers that must be dialed to reach your companys internal telephone network
{External interrupt of the CP control program, rather than a CMS interrupt, can be used following an `(Esc),' discussed above }
A scene shot outside
{i} on the outside, outer, exterior
{i} additional, more than necessary, supplemental
{i} telephone extension, additional telephone, branch of a telephone network