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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{f} silmek

Sami, Leyla'nın kimliğini silmek istedi. - Sami wanted to erase Layla's identity.

O kötü anıları silmek istiyor. - He wishes to erase bad memories.

listeden silmek
(Bilgisayar) bellekten silmek
(yazı/vb.) silmek

Silgini ödünç alabilir miyim? - May I borrow your eraser?

Konuşmasını kasetten sildi. - He erased his speech from the tape.

silinen yerde kalan iz
erasure silme
eraser lâstik
{f} öldürmek

Bu silgiyi kullanabilir miyim? - Can I use this eraser?

Silgini ödünç alabilir miyim? - May I borrow your eraser?

{f} kazımak
argo öldürmek
{f} temizlemek
erasion hasta dokuları kazıma
{f} silip atmak
(Nükleer Bilimler) silme

Adını silmeyi unuttun. - You forgot to erase your name.

Sami izlerini silmeye çalışıyordu. - Sami was trying to erase his tracks.

silgi ile silmek
yok etmek
(Bilgisayar) temizle
erase all
(Bilgisayar) tümünü sil
erase border
(Bilgisayar) kenarlıkları temizle
erase everything
(Bilgisayar) herşeyi sil
erase range
(Bilgisayar) aralığı sil
erase head
silici kafa
erase lamp
silme lambası
erase and rewind
sil baştan
erase character
silme karakteri
erase the memory
hafıza silmek
erase canceled
(Bilgisayar) silme iptal edildi
erase completed
(Bilgisayar) silme tamamlandı
erase current
silme akimi
erase drawing on screen
(Bilgisayar) ekrandaki çizimleri sil
erase media
(Bilgisayar) ortamı sil
erase pen
(Bilgisayar) kalemle çizileni sil
erase pen
(Bilgisayar) kalemle çizilenleri sil
erase pictures
(Bilgisayar) resimleri sil
erase progress
(Bilgisayar) silme durumu
erase selection
(Bilgisayar) seçileni sil
erase status
(Bilgisayar) silme durumu
erase tape
(Bilgisayar) teyp sil
erase the media
(Bilgisayar) ortamı sil
erase the memory
bellek silmek
erase the selection
(Bilgisayar) seçileni siler
erase warning
(Bilgisayar) silme uyarısı
begin erase
(Bilgisayar) silmeyi başlat
security erase
(Bilgisayar) güvenli silme
{f} sil
dry erase marker
Beyaz yazı tahtalarına yazı yazmak için kullanılan keçeli tür, yazılarının kolayca silinebildiği kalem
dry-erase board
Üzerine keçeli tür kalemle yazılan yazıların kolayca silinebildiği beyaz yazı tahtası
alternate erase
(Bilgisayar) başka sil
Турецкий язык - Турецкий язык
Magnetik bir bilgiyi yenilemek veya silmek
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To obliterate information from (a storage medium), such as to clear or (with magnetic storage) to demagnetize

I'm going to erase this tape.

to remove markings or information

I erased that note because it was wrong.

To be erased (have markings removed, have information removed, or be cleared of information)

The files will erase quickly.

To remove a runner from the bases via a double play or pick off play

Jones was erased by a 6-4-3 double play.

To obliterate (information) from a storage medium, such as to clear or to overwrite

I'm going to erase those files.

To punch a hole at every punch position
{v} to rub or scrape out, root up, destroy
remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing; "Please erase the formula on the blackboard--it is wrong!"
The Erase Helper - the pencil eraser icon in the upper right corner of some screens - will erase all values on the screen For example, if you use Erase at an Item Lookup screen, any values in the search index, library, and search box will be erased and changed to blanks
If you erase a thought or feeling, you destroy it completely so that you can no longer remember something or no longer feel a particular emotion. They are desperate to erase the memory of that last defeat in Cardiff Love was a word he'd erased from his vocabulary since Susan's going
{f} rub off, totally remove
Refers to the act to delete something
Deletes one or more files See also DEL
wipe out magnetically recorded information remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing; "Please erase the formula on the blackboard--it is wrong!
From a Line or a Diamond Centers U-Turn Back (toward each other) as Ends do their part of Fan the Top Usually ends in a Diamond or a Line
(punched card storage) to punch a hole at every punch position
In computer terminology, to expunge, wipe out, or destroy stored information, usually without destroying the storage media, as in demagnetizing a magnetic tape
To obliterate information from a storage medium, such as to clear, to overwrite, or (with magnetic storage) to demagnetize
wipe out magnetically recorded information
If you erase something such as writing or a mark, you remove it, usually by rubbing it with a cloth. It was unfortunate that she had erased the message. = rub out
(1) To replace the contents of a storage area by binary zero (2) Another form of DEL command
To obliterate; to expunge; to blot out; used of ideas in the mind or memory
To be deleted; to die RB: 1 F
An attempt to read vital data of which you have no backup copy
If you erase sound which has been recorded on a tape or information which has been stored in a computer, you completely remove or destroy it. He was in the studio tearfully erasing all the tapes he'd slaved over It appears the names were accidentally erased from computer disks. = wipe
to cause an engram to “vanish” entirely by recounting, at which time it is filed as memory and experience and ceases to be part of the reactive mind See also engram; reactive mind
To rub or scrape out, as letters or characters written, engraved, or painted; to efface; to expunge; to cross out; as, to erase a word or a name
to cause an engram to "vanish" entirely by recounting, at which time it is filed as memory and experience and ceases to be part of the reactive mind See also engram; reactive mind
{a} that may be erased
{a} expunged, scratched out, torn away
dry-erase board
A whiteboard (also called a dry-erase or dry-wipe board) is the name for any glossy surface, most commonly coloured white, where non-permanent markings can be made. Whiteboards operate analogously to chalkboards in that they allow markings to temporarily adhere to the surface of the board
To erase
capable of being effaced; "the fire's worst scars were effaceable by a comprehensive program of reforestation"; "a signal too loud to be erasable in a single pass through the erase head"
{s} able to be erased, may be wiped away
Capable of being erased
Represented with jagged and uneven edges, as is torn off; used esp
Rubbed or scraped out; effaced; obliterated
of the head or limb of a beast
{s} rubbed off; totally removed
past of erase
third person singular of erase
present participle of erase
{i} rubbing out, deleting, eradicating