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The state, or the fact of being eligible
{n} fitness to be chosen
Eligibility defines the specific requirements which members of a health plan must satisfy in order to be insured Eligibility is also used to determine the drugs and therapies that are covered by the plan For example, a plan may cover certain brand-name blood pressure medications, while others may require that special criteria-such as a prior authorization-are met in order to be eligible
the criteria used to determine if a child qualifies for early intervention or special education and related services
The ability to be part of a healthcare plan, including a definition of the specific benefits for which a member qualifies and the time frame of coverage
The determination of whether an individual has insurance coverage at given point in time
Specific criteria that people must meet to receive service
Defines the conditions, triggering events or factors - as well as the terms of timing for entry and exit - for those persons who might apply and become insured under a given insurance program
the quality or state of being eligible; "eligibility of a candidate for office"; "eligibility for a loan"
{i} qualification, competence, fitness, suitability
Having conditions that qualify a child for certain services
entitlement to treaty benefits
The meeting of specific qualifications (such as income) to receive certain benefits; the criteria used by public assistance programs to determine which people may receive help
The quality of being eligible; eligibleness; as, the eligibility of a candidate; the eligibility of an offer of marriage
requirements your child must meet to receive early intervention services from a Texas ECI program
Where appropriate indicates who is eligible (or not) to use a given service
Macromedia has defined the eligible customers under the MVLP All UW-System and Technical Colleges faculty and staff can purchase licenses under this program for their departments All other groups must contact the WISC Customer Service Representative at (800) 590-9787, to determine their eligibility before placing an order Macromedia has the final decision as to whether a group has the right to acquire products under this program
Conditions that must be met in order to participate in a plan, such as age or service requirements
Will the insurance company cover me? All insurance policies have age limits and minimum standards of health for an individual to obtain coverage Most insurers will not cover someone with a serious or terminal disease, such as AIDS or cancer
(1) Determination as to whether an individual is qualified to take an examination based on his or her meeting the minimum qualifications; (2) condition which indicates successful completion of an examination and readiness for appointment, as in "gained eligibility "
Eligibility for publicly funded health care is available to any resident of British Columbia who meets the criteria of the Medicare Protection Act To establish eligibility, residents are required to enroll with the Ministry of Health and agree to pay any applicable Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums The term Eligibility also applies to a Person meeting the criteria for benefits coverage with WCB, ICBC and other health service and goods payors Eligibility for benefits does not necessarily imply a specific health service or health good will be covered for payment
ability of a property to meet the National Register criteria
The ability to create renewable energy certificates
Sites that are "eligible" – in terms of a level of electricity annual consumption fixed by the Government – can choose their own electricity supplier
the state of being eligible
Standards by which an individual qualifies for health coverage
the quality or state of being eligible; "eligibility of a candidate for office"; "eligibility for a loan" the state of being eligible
Relates to the specific requirements which members of a health plan must satisfy in order to be insured The system keeps track of start and ending eligibility dates for each member
Conditions that must be met in order to participate in a plan, such as age or length of service requirements
Your qualification to enroll in a group-sponsored health plan, apply for coverage under an individual plan, or receive the appropriate benefits as outlined in your plan
The qualifications an employee or dependent must meet for coverage under the contract or agreement
Qualification of a property for participation in the Residential Sound Insulation Program by being located in a designated treatment area as defined by the Department of Port Control
eligibility requirements
essential elements which much be present in order to qualify
qualified for selection
{a} fit to be chosen, preferable, desirable
qualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen; "eligible to run for office"; "eligible for retirement benefits"; "an eligible bachelor" prohibited by official rules; "an eligible pass receiver
prohibited by official rules; "an eligible pass receiver
{s} suitable, worthy of, qualified
Provisions contained in each health benefits plan that specify who qualifies for coverage under that plan
the applicant has been approved to proceed with the next licensure requirement (e g examination)
An offensive player who is able (by the rules) to catch a forward pass; eligible to receive the pass
qualified for, as in: Every person who submits a new word this month is eligible to win the prize
able to qualify to receive special education services
fit to be chosen prepared
able to qualify
A person who has successfully met required qualifications necessary to hold a particular position, class of positions, receive a service, or participate in a program
Someone who is eligible to do something is qualified or able to do it, for example because they are old enough. Almost half the population are eligible to vote in today's election You could be eligible for a university scholarship. + eligibility eli·gibil·ity The rules covering eligibility for benefits changed in the 1980s
Satisfying appropriate conditions
That may be selected; proper or qualified to be chosen; legally qualified to be elected and to hold office
suitable; meeting the conditions; worthy of being chosen
Worthy to be chosen or selected; suitable; desirable; as, an eligible situation for a house
qualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen; "eligible to run for office"; "eligible for retirement benefits"; "an eligible bachelor"
recognized or covered for purposes of determining a benefit (See "covered " An individual may be eligible for, but not covered by, a benefit plan )
prohibited by official rules; "an eligible pass receiver"
Those aircraft which are considered to be of interest to the ATS unit under consideration The precise method of indicating which aircraft are eligible (SNET) is implementation-specific "Eligible" has its normal English meaning when used without the qualifier "(SNET)"
An employee is deemed suitable for teleworking by his or her supervisor based on position and personal suitability characteristics outlined in Attachment A of this document
An eligible man or woman is not yet married and is thought by many people to be a suitable partner. He's the most eligible bachelor in Japan
fit to be chosen
To meet the requirements necessary for coverage under an employee benefit plan
An individual eligible to participate in the Medicaid program, either in an HMO or on a fee-for-service basis
An individual who has successfully completed an examination and is a candidate for appointment to a specific classification
Receiver: An offensive player who is permitted by the rules to catch a forward pass

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    /ˌeləʤəˈbələtē/ /ˌɛlɪʤəˈbɪlɪtiː/


    [ 'e-l&-j&-b&l ] (adjective.) 15th century. Middle English, from Middle French and Late Latin; Middle French, from Late Latin eligibilis, from Latin eligere to choose; more at ELECT.

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