drop the ball

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(deyim) pot kırmak
drop ball
tenek atışı
drop ball
hava atışı
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To fail in one's responsibilities or duties, or to make a mistake, especially at a critical point or when the result is very negative

The movie ought to sputter out here, but Crowe and Cruise don't drop the ball.

drop ball
One of the rarest plays in soccer, it is used after an injury stops play, or after play has been stopped without the ball going out of bounds The referee drops the ball at the site of the stoppage; one bounce must occur before the ball can be played
drop ball
The ball is dropped between two players while the other players stay ten yards away This occurs when the referee does not know what team last touched the ball out of bounds, or after an injury during play When this happens, play will begin again with a drop ball
drop ball
A means used by the referee to put the ball back into play after a temporary suspension of play when neither team is awarded possession of the ball
drop ball
a method of restarting a game where the referee drops the ball between 2 players facing each other
drop ball
A ball dropped by the referee between 2 players; l from each team, to restart the game after he has purposely stopped play for a no-penalty situation The ball is dropped at the spot where it was last in play, unless this happens to be in the penalty area, in which case it is dropped at the nearest point outside the penalty area A goal may be scored directly from a drop-ball kick
drop ball
Used after an injury stops play or play has been stopped for some other reason without the ball going out of bounds The referee drops the ball where play stopped The ball must bounce before players can kick it
drop the ball

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    drop the Ball

    Турецкое произношение

    drôp dhi bôl


    /ˈdrôp ᴛʜē ˈbôl/ /ˈdrɔːp ðiː ˈbɔːl/


    () An allusion to the rules of such games as baseball or football.

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