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{i} belgeleme
{i} belgelerle kanıtlama
(Ticaret) belgelendirmek
(Bilgisayar) belgeleyen
(Ticaret) belge
(Ticaret) dökümante olma
(Bilgisayar) belge işlem
(Askeri) belgelerle ispatlama
(Bilgisayar) belge işleme
(Ticaret) dokümanları hazırlama
belgeleme Dokümantasyon
(Askeri) (DATA AUTOMATION) DÖKÜMANTASYON (BİLGİ OTOMATİKLEŞTİRME): Bir uygulama, kompüter programı veya bilgi sisteminin maksadı hakkında (icabında resimlerle birlikte) yazılı bir açıklama
(Askeri) BELGELEME, BELGELERLE İSPATLAMA, DÖKÜMANTASYON: İhtisas bilgilerinin usulüne göre gösterilmesi, tertibi ve bildirilmesi için gerekli teknik dökümantasyon, konu üzerinde azami faydayı sağlamak kadar, ortaya söz götürmez bir müracaat sicili kaydı koymak bakımından da lüzumludur
documentation system
(Bilgisayar) belgeişlem dizgesi
documentation system
(Bilgisayar) belge işleme dizgesi
documentation book
belgeleme kitabı
documentation error
belgeleme hatası
documentation system
belgeleme jüyesi
documentation system
belgeleme sistemi
documentation officer
dokümantasyon memuru
deliverable software documentation
teslim edilebilir yazılım dökümantasyonu
software documentation
yazılım dokümantasyonu
fact documentation
Aslında belgeler
military geographic documentation
(Askeri) ASKERİ COĞRAFİ BELGELER (ABD SAVUNMA BAKANLIĞI, SAVUNMA KURULU): Değerlendirilmiş, işlenmiş, özetlenmiş ve yayınlanmış askeri coğrafya bilgileri
operational documentation
(Askeri) harekat dokümantasyonu
program documentation
program belgeleme
technical documentation
(Askeri) teknik belgeleme
user documentation
kullanici belgeleri
visual information documentation
(Askeri) görsel bilgi dokümanı
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Documents that explain the operation of a particular software program

That feature is not in the documentation.

Something transposed from a thought to a document; the written account of an idea
(1) In writing, a systematic list of sources that gives credit to sources used or quoted in a research paper See also plagiarism; bibliography; citation (2) Instructions or descriptive information about a product or program
For a mortgage loan, documentation often times refers to the papers provided by the borrower as proof of his/her ability to repay the loan Some of the documentation that may be requested includes tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, etc This may also refer to papers a borrower must sign
is the written, visual, audio and electronic information about a place
The act of creating citations to identify resources used in writing a work The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers are examples of two widely used style manuals which provide formats for documenting resources
Leasing terms and conditions are set out in written Lease Agreements, sometimes comprising several different forms Documentation requirements vary, depending on the type of lease, equipment, equipment cost, number of units leased, equipment configuration, additional provisions (if any), and the particular contractual policies of individual Lessors For example, Lessors of inexpensive equipment today commonly use one page, self-contained, Lease Agreement forms while more expensive equipment generally calls for more extensive contracts [to top]
Documents that describe technical specifications for computer-related products and how to use hardware components and/or software applications
The recording in a permanent format of information derived from conservation activities
the collection or compilation of all tangible materials, records, and forms used in the assessment of a teacher and the evaluation of teaching performance See Record (noun)
Material that clarifies or gives instruction in the operation of a program A program's manuals are documentation Also, comments are included within the source code of programs, and are are called "internal documentation " They may explain what a particular block of code does In modern programs, most of the documentation is contained in on-line help files, and paper documentation is minimal
Access to all published MaxStream documentation Discussion forum - Support forum answering specific inquiries 900 MHz vs 2 4 GHz - Which license-free radio frequency to use? RF basics - Radio frequency facts and concepts you should learn Glossary of terms - Radio frequency terms and their meanings Questions & Answers - Access to all frequently asked questions
Processes of record keeping and samples of children's work at different stages of completion that reveal how children worked and the learning involved in the processes
{i} use of documents as evidence; collection of documents
The information provided by a creator and the repository which provides enough information to establish provenance, history and context and to enable its use by others See also Metadata "At a minimum, documentation should provide information about a data collection's contents, provenance and structure, and the terms and conditions that apply to its use It needs to be sufficiently detailed to allow the data creator to use the material in the future, when the data creation process has started to fade from memory It also needs to be comprehensive enough to enable others to explore the resource fully, and detailed enough to allow someone who has not been involved in the data creation process to understand the data collection and the process by which it was created " (History Data Service)
Documentation consists of documents which provide proof or evidence of something, or are a record of something. Passengers must carry proper documentation
Documentation of procedures and illnesses can serve as an adjunct to obtaining hospital privileges upon graduation as well as providing an opportunity to evaluate one's educational experience In some situations the residency program has a working system in place for the residents; however, in other situations, it will be incumbent upon the residents to take responsibility for this themselves
Written security plans, rules, procedures, and instructions concerning all components of an entity's security Part of security configuration mgmt on the matrix
the printed or online documents that explain things: identify the parts of your hardware or software, give installation instructions, give directions for use In programming this includes explanations of the code - why it is written that way, what the code is doing
The records which document the creation, history, acquisition by the museum and subsequent history of all objects in a museum collection Such records include provenance and provenience documents, acquisition documents, conservation reports, cataloguing records, images, and research papers, both created by the holding institution and by previous owners or independent researchers, etc Also used for the process of gathering this information
A collection of organized documents or the information recorded in documents In the computer world, instructional material specifying the inputs, operations, and outputs of a computer program or system; for example, a user manual and Getting Started card
The formal documents and processes by which KCs get transmitted between groups None KC information is scattered across a variety of functions with no centralized source KC information is documented, but not easily accessible Only major design changes trigger KC updates Identified KCs are well documented and traceability is established All KCs and supporting documentation are updated regularly
1 In archival usage, the creation or acquisition of documents to provide evidence of the creator, an event, or an activity 2 In electronic records, an organized series of descriptive documents explaining the operating system and software necessary to use and maintain a file as well as the arrangement, content, and coding of the data which it contains (SAA)
The process of recording the model equations, rationale, data sources, variables, code and experiments for purposes of information transmission
confirmation that some fact or statement is true
The concept of minimum documentation shall be evident Where possible stipulated plans, reports, and other data items shall be used to record the engineering outputs The repository of this accumulated data shall be defined Engineering data shall be the sole source of performance requirements used in the design and production of the system Documentation may reside on electronic media
A list of documents you will be required to provide when submitting a loan application The required documents range from W2's to a signed sales contract
program listings or technical manuals describing the operation and use of programs
documentary validation; "his documentation of the results was excellent"; "the strongest support for this this view is the work of Jones"
Information that explains how to use computer hardware or software It is usually provided as a manual or stored on a disk
Processes of keeping records of the development of the project through selecting and displaying samples of children's work The work is selected for its significance in representing the processes by which the children worked It can also be featured because the information represented is of interest to all members of the class Sometimes investigative, representational or problem-solving strategies are featured so as to help other children with similar challenges in their work Documentation is discussed with the children, adults in the classroom and with the parents as the project develops
[n] all of the information that accompanies an object or specimen
software documentation
user's guide, instruction manual for a software program
software documentation
program listings or technical manuals describing the operation and use of programs

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