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(Ticaret) farklılaştırma
(Tıp) diversifikasyon
(Tıp) Farklılaşma, değişme, değişiklik
(Hukuk) farklılaşma
(Hukuk) farklılık
diversification drive
Farklılaşma güdüsü
diversification of capital
yatırım çeşitlendirme
diversification of products
ürün çeşitlendirme
diversification of products
ürün farklılaştırma
{f} değiştirmek
{f} farklılaştırmak
değişik bir hale sokmak

Yatırımlarınızı çeşitlendirin. - Diversify your investments.

Portföyünü çeşitlendirmen gerekir. - You should diversify your portfolio.


Dubai ekonomisini çeşitlendirmek için çalışıyor. - Dubai is trying to diversify its economy.

değişik alanlara yöneltmek
portfolio diversification
(Ticaret) portfolyo çeşitlendirmesi
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
The act, or the result, of diversifying
A corporate strategy in which a company acquires or establishes a business other than that of its current product
{n} a change, alteratin, variety
the condition of being varied; "that restaurant's menu lacks diversification; every day it is the same"
The acquisition of a group of assets in which returns on the assets are not directly related over time Proper investment diversification is intended to reduce the risk inherent in particular securities An investor seeking diversification for a securities portfolio would purchase securities of firms that are not similarly affected by the same variables For example, an investor would not want to combine large investment positions in airlines, trucking and automobile manufacturing because each industry is significantly affected by oil prices and interest rates
The practice of spreading investments among different securities to reduce risk Diversification works best when the returns of the securities are varied, so that losses incurred by securities falling in price are offset by gains of those rising in price By nature, mutual funds are a diversified investment
The act of making various, or of changing form or quality
Spreading investments among different types of securities and various companies in different fields
The reduction of risk by investing in non-related securities & different types of investments Broad categories of investment would include stocks, bonds, CDs, money market accounts, currencies, precious metals, futures, real estate & collectibles (art, coins, stamps, etc) Diversification is necessary because there are no sure things in investing Risk-spreading ensures that if one area goes sour, one may still be doing well in another In fact, a properly diversified portfolio is designed so that occurs
the act of introducing variety (especially in investments or in the variety of goods and services offered); "my broker recommended a greater diversification of my investments"; "he limited his losses by diversification of his product line"
Diversification involves putting money in different types of investments; for example, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds By doing so, you may reduce your risk of losing money in single investment When you own just one security or single fund, you have more risk; by owning several funds or investment accounts, you help spread risk among many investment accounts with different amounts of risk
{i} process of becoming varied or diverse; production or sale of a variety of products; process of varying the types of stocks and bonds in an investor's portfolio (Economics)
This concept of spreading your money across different kinds of investments could potentially moderate your investment risk It's the idea of not putting all your eggs in one basket A diversified portfolio can help shield you from large losses because even if some securities falter, others may perform well
Investment strategy of spreading investments among a wide variety of securities, thus reducing the impact of any one security on overall portfolio performance
State of diversity or variation; variegation; modification; change; alternation
A risk-reduction technique, diversification is the practice of holding several different types of investments at once This means, for example, investing in a small company stock fund, a large company stock fund and an international fund, as well as investing in funds that pursue different investment approaches, such as growth stock funds and value stock funds By investing in a range of different investments, you may help to reduce your portfolio's overall risk That's because different types of investments tend to behave differently under the same market conditions By holding a range, you help increase the chance that when some investments in your mix are declining, others may be rising
The mutual fund policy of spreading investments among a number of different securities to reduce risks inherent in investing
the condition of being varied; "that restaurant's menu lacks diversification; every day it is the same
An investment strategy that involves establishing a portfolio of different investments by mixing industries and types of assets to spread their risk In this way a particular event (introduction of automobiles, for example) will have less impact on the investor's total portfolio than if you owned a single investment in a buggy whip company In other words, don't put all your eggs in one basket
When you diversify, you spread your money among a slew of different securities, thereby avoiding the risk that your portfolio will be badly bloodied because a single security or a particular market sector turns sour If you've got the time and energy, you can create your own diversified portfolio But it'll mean keeping track of at least 20 different stocks or bonds at once closed-end fund's a daunting task, to say the least A much easier solution is to buy a range of mutual funds and leave the diversification worries up to professional management See "Defense Is The Best Offense " BACK TO TOP
Splitting up your investments into different asset classes to reduce risk A fundamental rule of investment which simply means "don't put all your eggs in one basket "
The practice of spreading investments among a variety of securities of different asset classes and within the same asset class to reduce risk
The strategy of investing in different asset classes and among the securities of many issuers in an attempt to lower overall investment risk
Spreading investment to reduce risk by buying different securities from various companies, businesses, locations and governments
Diversification is an important concept when investing assets It refers to investing your assets among a variety of funds with varying degrees of risk and rate of return expectation Conditions that cause a loss in one fund could cause gains in another Diversification helps reduce overall investment risk by putting your eggs in more than one basket
An investment technique designed to reduce exposure to wide fluctuations in value by holding a variety of investments A balanced fund will hold different types of investment classes such as stocks, bonds, cash equivalents and real estate A fund that invests in a specific asset class such as a stock fund will hold a variety of stock of different types of companies
A benefit of mutual fund ownership Investments are spread among a number of different securities to reduce the risks inherent in investing The level of diversification may vary between fund investment objectives
The policy of spreading assets among different investments to reduce the risk of a decline in the overall portfolio from a decline in any one investment
A financial strategy to help reduce risk by spreading your assets across different asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, or across different types of securities within the same asset class For example, you can diversify your stock holdings into stocks of different industries
The act of spreading a portfolio over a number of investments in order to limit exposure to any one form of risk
The strategy of investing in a number of securities to minimize the risk of price fluctuations in one security
The spreading of risk by putting money in several different classes of investments, such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and real estate, or in several stocks of different industries
The policy of spreading investments among a range of different securities toreduce the risks inherent in investing Mutual funds, because they are poolsof securities, tend to offer investors the benefits of diversification
Not placing all of your eggs in one basket To spread your investment portfolio to include several different types of investments and/or investments that carry different levels of risk
concentric diversification
(İdari Yönetim) a growth strategy in which a company seeks to develop by adding new products, also called convergent diversification, to its existing product lines to attract new customers
spread into new habitats and produce variety or variegate; "The plants on this island diversified"
vary in order to spread risk or to expand; "The company diversified"
To make diverse or various in form or quality; to give variety to; to variegate; to distinguish by numerous differences or aspects
When an organization or person diversifies into other things, or diversifies their range of something, they increase the variety of things that they do or make. The company's troubles started only when it diversified into new products Manufacturers have been encouraged to diversify These firms have been given a tough lesson in the need to diversify their markets. = branch out + diversification diversifications di·ver·si·fi·ca·tion The seminar was to discuss diversification of agriculture
This is a practice to reduce an investor's risk It does so by purchasing different securities from various companies, locations and governments
give variety to
{f} make different, variegate; manufacture or sell a variety of products; invest one's assets in various securities (Economics)
make (more) diverse; "diversify a course of study
To spread assets across a mix of companies, investments, industries, geographic areas, maturities, and/or investment categories to reduce risk
vary in order to spread risk or to expand; "The company diversified" spread into new habitats and produce variety or variegate; "The plants on this island diversified" make (more) diverse; "diversify a course of study
to spread out the money you invest into different types of investments: bonds, stocks, CDs, mutual funds, etc The idea is to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket Different kinds of investments do well in different kinds of economic climates Therefore, if one of your investments drops in value, the other kinds of investments should hold or increase their value
make (more) diverse; "diversify a course of study"
To place checkers in order to increase the number of good rolls on a subsequent turn, usually accompanied by increased risk of getting hit

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    /dīˌvərsəfəˈkāsʜən/ /daɪˌvɜrsəfəˈkeɪʃən/


    [ d&-'v&r-s&-"fI, dI ] (verb.) 15th century. From Medieval Latin diversificatio from diversificātus, past participle of diversificō (“diversify”) from Latin diversus (“turned in different ways”) + facio (“make, do”)


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