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To pull off, tear apart

For that same net so cunningly was wound, / That neither guile, nor force might it distraine.

To seize somebody's property in place of, or to force, payment of a debt
To squeeze, press; to constrain, oppress

But when he heard her answeres loth, he knew / Some secret sorrow did her heart distraine .

To force (someone) to do something by seizing their property
to subject a person to distress
{v} to seize, to seize goods for debt
To seize, as a pledge or indemnification; to take possession of as security for nonpayment of rent, the reparation of an injury done, etc
To press heavily upon; to bear down upon with violence; hence, to constrain or compel; to bind; to distress, torment, or afflict
confiscate by distress
legally take something in place of a debt payment confiscate by distress levy a distress on
To levy a distress
To rend; to tear
to take by distress; as, to distrain goods for rent, or of an amercement
{f} foreclose on property, take property in payment for debts
To subject to distress; to coerce; as, to distrain a person by his goods and chattels
legally take something in place of a debt payment
To seize somebodys property in place of or to force, payment of a debt
levy a distress on
{i} forecloser, person who takes property in payment for debts
Same as Distrainor

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    [ di-'strAn ] (verb.) 14th century. From Old French destraindre, from Latin distringere (“to pull asunder, stretch out, engage, hinder, molest, Medieval Latin also compel, coerce as by exacting a pledge by a fine or by imprisonment”), from dis- (“apart”) + stringere (“to draw tight, strain”).


    distraining, distrained

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