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That which disqualifies; that which incapacitates or makes unfit; as, conviction of crime is a disqualification of a person for office; sickness is a disqualification for labor
The act of disqualifying, or state of being disqualified; want of qualification; incompetency; disability; as, the disqualification of men for holding certain offices
{n} any thing which disqualifies
A penalty given for misconduct or serious violation of the rules A competitor disqualified from a task receives zero points in the task A competitor disqualified from the competition is not allowed to enter further tasks and is not eligible to any prizes given in the Event
the act of preventing someone from participating by finding them unqualified
to be eliminated from a competition due to cheating or bad behavior, or by default, eg late arrival
Loss of tax favored or qualified status for a retirement plan Disqualification is generally viewed as being in the discretion of the Internal Revenue Service based upon either a failure of the plan's terms or the operation of the plan
{i} act of making ineligible; invalidation, act of depriving of official status
A procedure whereby a person has a court order made against them which makes it an offence for that person to be involved in the management or directorship of a company for the period specified in the order (unless leave has been granted by the court)
Refers to the disqualification (usually voluntary) of a judge from hearing a case, generally based on any interest that may impair the ability of the judge to decide the case in a fair and impartial manner
The denial of benefits due to a quit, discharge, or job refusal It is possible to requalify for benefits through subsequent earnings
A situation where the claimant is not entitled to receive unemployment benefits Disqualifications may be for reasons such as separations from employment, receipt of separation pay, or personal circumstances Any time a person is disqualified from receiving benefits, they are notified in writing (see Non-Monetary) and have the right to appeal the disqualification
The loss of favorable tax treatment under the Internal Revenue Code This loss results from operating the pension plan in a manner contrary to provisions of the plan document or from failure to meet the requirements of ERISA and the Department of the Treasury
a procedure pursuant to which, by court order, it is made an offence for a person to be involved in the management or directorship of a company for a fixed period unless leave to do so is obtained from the court
the act of preventing someone from participating by finding them unqualified unfitness that bars you from participation
unfitness that bars you from participation
communication that invalidates a message sent
Unless otherwise specified, the forfeiture of all points, awards and prizes earned during a particular race
disqualification of books
invalidation of business accounts, determining that one's business records are not acceptable for the purpose of calculating income tax
plural of disqualification