diesel fuel

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dizel yakıtı
dizel yakıt

Dizel motor Rudolf Diesel tarafından icat edilmiştir. - The diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel.

Dizel araçlar Avrupa'da popülerdir. - Diesels are popular in Europe.

diesel fuel filter
(Otomotiv) dizel yakıt filtresi
diesel fuels
dizel yakıtları
{i} dizel motoru
dizel motorlu
{i} dizel motorlu araç
i usually use diesel fuel
genelde dizel kullanırım
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A petroleum product produced by refining crude oil, that fuels diesel engines
Used as an insecticide on small ponds Sprayed on to surface to prevent oxygen transfer across the water / air interface Also inhibits animals from penetrating water surface to breath Used for the control of mosquito larvae in some areas
A fuel composed of distillates obtained in petroleum refining operation or blends of such distillates with residual oil used in motor vehicles The boiling point and specific gravity are higher for diesel fuels than for gasoline
that portion of crude oil that distills out within the temperature range of approximately 200°C (392°F) to 370°C (698°F), which is higher than the boiling range of gasoline See distillation Diesel fuel is ignited in an internal combustion engine cylinder by the heat of air under high compression--in contrast to motor gasoline, which is ignited by electrical spark Because of the mode of ignition, a high cetane number is required in a good diesel fuel Diesel fuel is close in boiling range and composition to the lighter heating oils There are two grades of diesel fuel, established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM): Diesel 1 and Diesel 2 Diesel 1 is a kerosene-type fuel, lighter, more volatile, and cleaner than Diesel 2, and is used in engine applications where there are more frequent changes in speed and load Diesel 2 is used in industrial and heavy mobile service
Any liquid other than gasoline that is capable of use as a fuel or a component of a fuel in a motor vehicle that is propelled by a diesel-powered engine or in a diesel-powered train Diesel fuel includes number 1 and number 2 fuel oils, kerosene, dyed diesel fuel, and mineral spirits Diesel fuel also includes any blendstock or additive that is sold for blending with diesel fuel, any liquid prepared, advertised, offered for sale, sold for use as, or used in the generation of power for the propulsion of a diesel-powered engine, airplane, or marine vessel An additive or blendstock is presumed to be sold for blending unless a certification is obtained for federal purposes that the substance is for a use other than blending for diesel fuel
Diesel fuel for onshore facility
Any liquid, including kerosene, suitable for the propulsion of diesel-powered motor vehicles, but does not include gasoline or liquefied gas
The internal combustion engine almost started out green Back in 1900, when Rudolph Diesel unveiled his invention at the World Exhibition in Paris, his fuel of choice was peanut oil ALTERNATIVE Biodiesel expert von Wedel drives a purely biofueled vehicle PHOTO BY ELIZABETH WILSON The diesel engine, as it soon became known, is now the ubiquitous workhorse for heavy-duty tasks such as running farm equipment, trucks, or barges But although Diesel originally designed the engine to run on vegetable oil, problems with the liquid's high viscosity quickly became apparent as the engines gummed up, sputtered, and died A cheap and plentiful mixture of thousands of hydrocarbons obtained during crude oil refining worked much better, and with help from the budding petroleum industry, "diesel fuel" soon supplanted vegetable oil
The light oil fuel used in diesel and other compression-ignition engines
a heavy mineral oil used as fuel in diesel engines
Fuel for cars with diesel engines It is heavier than gasoline and uses the heat of extrememly highly compressed air to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber
{i} thick oily combustible petroleum used as fuel for diesel engines
Any fuel sold in any state and suitable for use in diesel motor vehicles and diesel motor vehicle engines that is commonly or commercially known or sold as diesel fuel (40 CFR 80 2) Back to Top
Distillate fuel oil used in compression-ignition engines It is similar to home heating oil, but must meet a cetane number specification of 40 or more
(Otomotiv) Fuel for cars with diesel engines. It is heavier than gasoline and uses the heat of extremely highly compressed air to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber
diesel fuel

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    die·sel fuel

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    disıl fyul


    /ˈdēsəl ˈfyo͞ol/ /ˈdiːsəl ˈfjuːl/


    [ 'dE-z&l, -s&l ] (noun.) 1894. Rudolf Diesel.

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