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the range or scope of something, especially of notes in a scale, or of a particular musical instrument
{n} an octave in music, concord, unison
The octave, or interval which includes all the tones of the diatonic scale
A standard of pitch; a tuning fork; as, the French normal diapason
One of certain stops in the organ, so called because they extend through the scale of the instrument
The entire compass of tones
Concord, as of notes an octave apart; harmony
They are of several kinds, as open diapason, stopped diapason, double diapason, and the like
{i} strong musical sound; range (of a voice); tuning fork
either of the two main stops on a pipe organ

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    () Latin diapason, from Ancient Greek διαπασων, that is διά + πασων (χορδων) ‘through all (notes)’.

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