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(Tıp) Maddenin patlaması sonucu çıkan şiddetli ses, patlama, infilak
(Askeri) PATLAMA, DETONASYON, İNFİLAK: Çok şiddetli bir kırıcı tesir ve anında sadme tesiri ile büyük ölçüde hararet meydana getiren çok süratli bir reaksiyon. Bak. "deflagration" ve "explosion"
{i} infilak
detonation cord
(Askeri) ATEŞLEME FİTİLİ: Patlama dalgalarını göndermek üzere şekillendirilmiş, yüksek patlayıcı ihtiva eden elastik bir tüp
detonation cord amplifier
(Askeri) ATEŞLEME FİTİLİ YÜKSELTİCİSİ: Barutun ateşlenmesini ve aynı zamanda infilak dalgalarının başka baruta geçmesini sağlayan ateşleme fitiline bağlı bir araç
detonation presure
infilak basıncı
detonation presure
patlama basıncı
detonation velocity
patlatma hızı
detonation velocity
infilak hızı
detonation wave
low order detonation
alçak detonasyon
high order detonation
(Askeri) YÜKSEK SÜRATLİ PATLAMA, YÜKSEK DETONASYON: Tam ve anında vuku bulan infilak. Bak. "detonation"
low order detonation
(Askeri) ALÇAK DETONASYON: Bir bomba, mermi veya benzeri kuvvetli patlayıcı maddelerde bulunan paralanma hakkının, tam olmayan detonasyonu. Bak. "detonation"
nuclear detonation
(Askeri) nükleer infilak
nuclear detonation detection and reporting system
(Askeri) nükleer infilak tespit ve raporlama sistemi
programmed warhead detonation
(Askeri) programlanmış harp başlığı infilakı
span of detonation
(Askeri) patlama genişliği
sympathetic detonation
(Askeri) zincirleme patlama
sympathetic detonation
(Askeri) AHENKLİ PATLAMA: Bir imla hakkının, ona bitişik bir imla hakkının patlatılması ile infilakı
sympathetic detonation
(Askeri) sirayet ile patlama
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Engine knocking, an improper combustion in internal combustion engines
An explosion or sudden report made by the near-instantaneous decomposition or combustion of unstable substances as, the detonation of gun cotton. Specifically, combustion that spreads supersonically via shock compression
{n} a thundering, a very great noise
A violent chemical reaction within a chemical compound or mechanical mixture evolving heat and pressure The result of the chemical reaction is exertion of extremely high pressure on the surrounding medium, forming a propagating shock wave that originally is of supersonic velocity A detonation, when the material is located on or near the ground surface, is normally characterized by a crater
Detonation is the action of causing a device such as a bomb to explode. accidental detonation of nuclear weapons
An explosion or sudden report made by the instantaneous decomposition or combustion of unstable substances as, the detonation of gun cotton
an explosion
An exothermic chemical reaction in which the propagating front travels at supersonic speeds and thus an explosion always results
the act of detonating an explosive
Occurs when hot spots (caused by engine deposits) in the combustion chamber ignites the air and fuel mixture prematurely Also occurs after combustion if any unburned fuel is left in the combustion chamber Also known as engine knock Places great stress on the engine and leads to the destruction of the engine if ignored
This is the pinging or knocking sound that's sometimes heard while accelerating (See Spark Knock) The noise is the result of erratic combustion inside your engine Instead of burning normally, the fuel explodes in multiple flame front, and the colliding fireballs inside the cylinders shake and rattle the pistons Mild detonation is annoying but it won't hurt anything Severe or prolonged detonation, on the other hand, can ruin your engine If switching to a higher octane fuel doesn't cure the problem, timing adjustments or other repairs may be necessary
a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction
{i} explosion, blowing up, setting off of an explosion
A condition in which, after the spark plug fires, some of the unburned air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber explodes spontaneously, set off only by the heat and pressure of air-fuel mixture that has already been ignited Detonation, or "knock," greatly increases the mechanical and thermal stresses on the engine
The secondary ignition of the air/fuel mixture in the combustion space causing extreme pressures Detonation is caused by low gasoline octane ratings, high combustion temperatures, improper combustion chamber shape, too-lean mixtures, etc Detonation produces dangerously high loads on the engine, and if allowed to continue, will lead to engine failure Detonation, unlike preignition, requires two simultaneous combustion fronts (fuel burning in two or more places in the combustion chamber at once); whereas preignition occurs when the fuel-air mix ignites (with single burning front) before the spark plug fires Both preignition and detonation produce an audible "knock" or "ping," but detonation does not produce the rapid "wild pinging" noise that is typically associated with preignition The extreme pressures of detonation can lead to preignition, but even worse the high temperatures of preignition can cause detonation
Explosive, uneven burning of fuel causing engine knock
A detonation is a large or powerful explosion
is a rapid explosion of fuel in the cylinder in advance of the spark plug firing It can generate enough heat to melt the pistons and in other ways destroy the engine
An explosion or sudden report made by the instantaneous decomposition or combustion of unstable substances; as, the detonation of gun cotton
- an exothermic chemical reaction in which the expanding front travels at supersonic speeds High explosives such as dynamite and ANFOs detonate; fireworks do not
Internal deterioration of aluminum components (usually the piston) resulting from lean mixtures, the collision of multiple flame fronts (excessive timing advance), and poor quality fuel
A rapid chemical reaction which propagates at a supersonic velocity
– An explosive reaction that consists of the propagation of a shock wave through the explosive accompanied by a chemical reaction that furnishes energy to sustain the shock propagation in a stable manner, with gaseous formation and pressure expansion following shortly thereafter
pulse detonation engine
A jet engine driven by repeated detonations within the engine
pulse detonation engines
plural form of pulse detonation engine
sympathetic detonation
Detonation of a charge by exploding another charge adjacent to it. (JP 1-02)
plural of detonation
sympathetic detonation
act of causing one explosive charge to detonate by detonating another charge nearby