dependent clause

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dependent clauses
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A subordinate clause
a group of words having a subject and a verb that does not express a complete thought and is not able to stand alone; also called a subordinate clause Ex : Whenever I go to school
a clause that cannot stand on its own as a sentence, depending on another complete sentence to make it independent
A clause that cannot form a separate sentence; there must be an independent clause for it to modify: When he hit the ball over the fence, the boy made a home run
A dependent, or subordinate clause , needs a main clause to explain it
a clause in a complex sentence that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence and that functions within the sentence as a noun or adjective or adverb
A clause that cannot stand alone as a full sentence and functions as a noun, adjective, or adverb within a sentence. Also called subordinate clause. a clause in a sentence that gives information related to the main clause, but cannot exist alone
dependent clauses
plural form of dependent clause
dependent clause

    Расстановка переносов

    de·pend·ent clause

    Турецкое произношение

    dîpendınt klôz


    /dəˈpendənt ˈklôz/ /dɪˈpɛndənt ˈklɔːz/

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