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Gündüz vakti okumayı severim. - I like reading by daylight.

gün ışığı

Tom gün ışığından önce eve geldi. - Tom got home just before daylight.

Doğal gün ışığı olan büyük bir banyo bu daireye aittir. - A large bathroom with natural daylight belongs to this apartment.

güneş ışığı
(Tekstil) günışığı
{i} boşluk
{i} aydınlık
gün ışıgı
önce şaşırtıcı gelen bir şeyin sonradan anlaşılması
{i} aralık
şafak/ışık/gündüz ışığı
{i} gün ışığı.daylight-saving time yaz saati
teşhir etme
see daylight zorluklann sonuna gelmek
I will knock the daylights out ofargo Canına okuyacağım
{i} şafak
daylight lamp
günışığı lambası
daylight robbery
daylight robbery
düpedüz soygun
daylight saving time
yaz sögeni uygulaması
daylight color rendering
gün ışığı renk render
daylight factor
gün ışığı etkeni
daylight film
gün ışığı boş filmi
daylight robbery
gündüz soygun
daylight saving time
yaz saati
daylight savings time
Gün ışığından yararlanma süresi
daylight trade
gündüz ticaret
daylight vision
gün ışığı görme
daylight-saving time
Yaz saati uygulaması
daylight traffic line
(Askeri) Günlük trafic yasak hattı
daylight traffic line
(Askeri) GÜNDÜZ TRAFİK YASAK HATTI: Savunma durumlarında, tekerlekli araçların, gündüzün daha ilerisine geçmeleri yasaklanmış hat. Bu hat, harekat haritalarında "DY" harfleri ile gösterilir. Ayrıca bakınız: "traffic line"
broad daylight
gün ışığında
eastern daylight time
doğu yaz saati
emerge into the daylight
aydınlığa kavuşmak
mountain daylight time
(Bilgisayar) sıradağlar yaz saati
artificial daylight
yapay gün ışığı
bring into daylight
gün ışığına çıkarmak
in broad daylight

Güpegündüz arabasını çaldırdı. - He had his car stolen in broad daylight.

Güpegündüz saldırıya uğradım. - I was attacked in broad daylight.

see daylight
zorlukların sonuna gelmek
take somebody out into daylight
gün ışığına çıkartmak
artificial daylight
(Askeri) SUNİ GÜN IŞIĞI: Berrak bir gecede, mehtap aydınlığından daha yoğun bir aydınlatma. (En iyi aydınlatma derecesi gün ışığına eşit olanıdır). Ayrıca bakınız: "battlefield illumination"
as clear as daylight
apaçık belli
as clear as daylight
gün gibi ortada
broad daylight

Güpegündüz saldırıya uğradım. - I was attacked in broad daylight.

Güpegündüz arabasını çaldırdı. - He had his car stolen in broad daylight.

central daylight time
merkezi yaz saati
china daylight time
çin yaz saati
clear as daylight
gün gibi ortada
clear as daylight
apaçık belli
czech daylight time
çek yaz saati
egypt daylight time
mısır yaz saati
fiji daylight time
fiji yaz saati
greenwich daylight time
greenwich yaz saati
in daylight
gündüz gözüyle
in daylight
gün ışığında
india daylight time
hindistan yaz saati
iran daylight time
iran yaz saati
let daylight into smth
açıklığa kavuşturmak
let daylight into smth
mexico daylight time
meksika yaz saati
romance daylight time
(Bilgisayar) romance yaz saati
see daylight
sonunda anlamak
see daylight
günyüzü görmek
south africa daylight time
güney afrika yaz saati
sydney daylight time
(Bilgisayar) sidney yaz saati
tokyo daylight time
(Bilgisayar) tokyo yaz saati
us eastern daylight time
(Bilgisayar) abd doğu yaz saati
west asia daylight time
(Bilgisayar) batı asya yaz saati
west pacific daylight time
(Bilgisayar) batı pasifik yaz saati
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To provide sources of natural illumination such as skylights or windows

We had only two hours to work before daylight.

The period of time between sunrise and sunset

We should get home while it's still daylight.

The light from the Sun, as opposed to that from any other source
A light source that simulates daylight
To gain exposure to the open

The seam of coal daylighted at a cliff by the river.

A clear, open space

Finally, after weeks of work on the project, they could see daylight.

Emotional or psychological distance between people, or disagreement

We completely agree. There's no daylight between us on the issue.

The space between platens on a press or similar machinery

The minimum and maximum daylights on an injection molding machine determines the sizes of the items it can make.

To expose to daylight
Exposure to public scrutiny

Budgeting a spy organization can't very well be done in daylight.

To allow light in, as by drawing drapes
The intensity distribution of light over the visible spectrum generated by the Sun under various conditions or by other light sources intended to simulate natural daylight
To run a drainage pipe to an opening from which its contents can drain away naturally
{n} the light that is afforded by the day
The eyes
a type of light used in a commercial light box to simulate natural daylight The correct technical definition is as follows: Daylight is a light source providing a color temperature of 6500+/-200 K at an illumination of 90 to 120 ft/candles This source is typically provided by four filtered 750 W Tungsten Halogen lamps The daylight filters must be certified by the manufacturer to ensure consistency of the transmitted color temperature between each filter/location The resulting spectral power distribution of the transmitted light must be maintained to confirm to that of the filter manufacturer's standard (K = Kelvin)
Daylight is the natural light that there is during the day, before it gets dark. Lack of daylight can make people feel depressed
light during the daytime
{i} light of day
the time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light outside; "the dawn turned night into day"; "it is easier to make the repairs in the daytime"
The end of a pipe (the terminal end) that is not attached to anything
Direct sunlight and light reflected from the sky combine to produce a natural ambient light with a color temperature of around 5500K
The light of day as opposed to the darkness of night; the light of the sun, as opposed to that of the moon or to artificial light
Vampires are forced to stay inside during the day as direct contact with sunlight will cause them to combust
Daylight is the time of day when it begins to get light. Quinn returned shortly after daylight yesterday morning
the light from the sun and the sky
emphasis If you say that a crime is committed in broad daylight, you are expressing your surprise that it is done during the day when people can see it, rather than at night. A girl was attacked on a train in broad daylight
In the restoration field, a verb that denotes the excavation and restoration of a stream channel from an underground culvert, covering, or pipe
daylight overdraft
A debit balance in the customer’s account that occurs in the course of the banking day and is expected to be repaid by a credit to the account prior to the end of the banking day
daylight overdrafts
plural form of daylight overdraft
daylight robberies
plural form of daylight robbery
daylight robbery
an exorbitant charge for a product or service
daylight saving time
An adjustment of the official time during summer to cause events to be scheduled during daylight hours
daylight saving times
plural form of daylight saving time
daylight savings
the practice in some places of adjusting clocks forward in the Spring and back in the Fall, usually by one hour, so that the adjustment causes the time to coincide with the greatest period of illumination by the sun over the course of the day
daylight savings time
daylight saving time (see usage notes)
daylight-savings time
Alternative form of daylight savings time
daylight-savings times
plural form of daylight-savings time
Daylight Saving Time
Daylight Saving Time is a period of time in the summer when the clocks are set one hour forward, so that people can have extra light in the evening. the time during the summer when clocks are one hour ahead of standard time British Summer Time. System for uniformly advancing clocks, especially in summer, so as to extend daylight hours during conventional waking time. In the Northern Hemisphere, clocks are usually set ahead one hour in late March or in April and are set back one hour in late September or in October. In the U.S. and Canada, daylight saving time begins on the first Sunday in April and ends on the last Sunday in October
daylight robbery
disapproval If someone charges you a great deal of money for something and you think this is unfair or unreasonable, you can refer to this as daylight robbery. They're just ripping the fans off; it's daylight robbery
daylight robbery
robbery that was committed during the day
daylight saving
time during which clocks are set one hour ahead of local standard time; widely adopted during summer to provide extra daylight in the evenings
daylight trade
{i} buying and selling of stocks or commodities within one day
daylight vision
normal vision in daylight; vision with sufficient illumination that the cones are active and hue is perceived
daylight-saving time
time during which clocks are set one hour ahead of local standard time; widely adopted during summer to provide extra daylight in the evenings
daylight-saving time
{i} practice of moving the clock forward one hour ahead of standard time in the spring and setting it back one hour in the fall in order to gain a longer period of daylight in the early evening
broad daylight
Abundant, natural illumination in daytime, producing clear visibility

Within all was dark; but she entered as freely and with as little misgiving or restraint as if it had been broad daylight.

plural form of daylight
mental soundness, wits, consciousness

They beat the living daylights out of us.'.

in broad daylight
In ample natural illumination, during the daytime

A fireball hurtled across the southern Tucson sky in broad daylight Saturday morning.

in broad daylight
In a blatant and publicly visible manner

It's still too dangerous for the wife of a journalist who was murdered in the street in broad daylight.

Central European Daylight Time
{i} CEDT, local time adopted by Central European countries for part of the year (generally two hours ahead from its standard official time)
broad daylight
full daylight, in the full light of day
burn daylight
{f} waste time; carry out unnecessary actions; light candles before darkness
If someone or something scares the living daylights out of you, they make you feel extremely scared
{i} eyes (very old slang for human eyes)
If you knock the living daylights out of someone, or beat the living daylights out of them, you hit them very hard many times
mental soundness, wits
in broad daylight
during the light of day, publicly, in public
see daylight
be close to a solution, be close to the end
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yaz saati daylight saving
time, Brit . summer time