cost of other sales

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(Ticaret) diğer satışların maliyeti
cost of sales
satış maliyeti
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cost of sales
(Ticaret) Cost of good sold (COGS) for a given sales period, or used in place of COGS in service industries
cost of sales
The actual direct and allocated cost to produce finished goods or services (sometimes called the cost of goods sold)
cost of sales
The direct (variable) costs of products and/or services provided to customers In manufacturing this is called COGS
cost of sales
- The costs incurred to create sales, including materials, labor, pay for salesmen, office staff, advertising, etc
cost of sales
A category in the financial statements of a business that gives the cost of all items sold during the time period covered by the profit and loss statement "Cost of Sales" is subtracted from "Sales" on the profit and loss statement (income statement) to arrive at "Gross Profit "
cost of sales
Cost of goods sold plus selling and administrative expenses
cost of other sales

    Расстановка переносов

    cost of oth·er sales

    Турецкое произношение

    kôst ıv ʌdhır seylz


    /ˈkôst əv ˈəᴛʜər ˈsālz/ /ˈkɔːst əv ˈʌðɜr ˈseɪlz/

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