cost effective

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productive relative to the cost(synonym) cost-efficient
productiveness in relation to cost
Returning a benefit that justifies the initial investment; economical
A term describing a resource that is available within the time it is needed and is able to meet or reduce electrical power demand at an estimated incremental system cost no greater than that of the least-costly, similarly reliable and available alternative
Related to products, this term is used to describe the general awareness, during the product development process, toward meeting cost constraints Factors considered are related to the Bill of Materials and cost of design and development, tooling, and manufacturing See: BOM, and Sundberg-Ferar Mission Statement
A cost per unit of emission reduction which is lower than or equivalent to the maximum unit costs of the same emission reduction through the use of demonstrated Best Available Control Technology, calculated in current year dollars
A proposed drug is considered cost-effective by the PBAC if the Committee considers that, for a specified main indication, the incremental benefits of therapy involving the proposed drug over therapy involving its main comparator(s) justify its incremental costs and harms
Something that is cost-effective saves or makes a lot of money in comparison with the costs involved. The bank must be run in a cost-effective way. + cost-effectively cost-effectively The management tries to produce the magazine as cost-effectively as possible. + cost-effectiveness cost-effectiveness A Home Office report has raised doubts about the cost-effectiveness of the proposals. cost effective bringing the best possible profits or advantages for the lowest possible costs cost effective way of doing sth
Bringing good results or profit for little expenditure
productive relative to the cost
effective cost
total actual cost
cost effective

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    cost ef·fec·tive

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    kôst îfektîv


    /ˈkôst əˈfektəv/ /ˈkɔːst ɪˈfɛktɪv/

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