constructed languages

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constructed language
yapay dil
constructed language
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plural form of constructed language
constructed language
A human language that has been consciously devised by an individual or a small group, as opposed to having naturally evolved as part of a culture like a natural language
constructed language
Any language, whether a human language, a programming language or markup language, that is not a natural language
constructed language
Any language used by people, as opposed to less civilized means of communication, such as the socialization between animals
Constructed language
constructed language
{i} conlang, artificial language, language created intentionally for a particular use or purpose, language invented specifically by a particular person or small group
constructed languages

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    kınstrʌktıd länggwıcız


    /kənˈstrəktəd ˈlaɴɢgwəʤəz/ /kənˈstrʌktəd ˈlæŋɡwəʤəz/

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