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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
(Matematik) kongruens
(Dilbilim) çakışma
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) örtüşme
(Matematik) kongrüans
{i} eşleşim
{i} uyum
ahenk congruent
with ile uygun
congruence dlass
(Matematik) kalan sınıfı
congruence model
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) örtüşme modeli
congruence model
eşleşim modeli
congruence of levels
(Dilbilim) düzey uyumu
goal congruence
(Ticaret) amaç birliği
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
being isometric — roughly, the same size and shape
The quality of agreeing or corresponding; being suitable and appropriate
a relation between two numbers indicating they give the same remainder when divided by some given number
According to Carl Rogers, the match between an individual's inner feelings and outer display
{n} agreement, firtness
the property of characters that support the same cladogram See also Compatible characters
The match of a person's body language (gestures, posture and voice patterns) with their verbal output (auditory digital) while they are communicating Congruence in communication is one of the patterns found in charismatic people Note though, when a person is communicating with congruency, this is not necessarily an indicator of truth, rationality or sensibility in terms of the content communicated It means that in the moment, they believe what they are saying Eg Hitler communicated congruently, yet many of his ideas (content), were unecological in their effect on third parties
Agreement between characters or trees
Congruence is when two things are similar or fit together well. a necessary congruence between political, cultural and economic forces
Consistent alignment and fitting together of different parts (i) personal congruence - alignment of beliefs, values, skills and actions, being in rapport with oneself, (ii) messenger - message congruence - when the trainer is an embodiment and model of the skills or values she is training, (iii) alignment congruence - when all parts of your communication - words, voice and body language - give the same message
A condition in which a person's words, thoughts, feelings, and actions all contain the same message
A condition in which a person's words, thoughts, feelings, and actions all contain the same message (11)
Suitableness of one thing to another; agreement; consistency
{i} state of agreement, accord
Shapes are congruent when they match, with every corresponding line segment equal in length, and every angle equal in size
Agreement among data or data sets
the quality of agreeing; being suitable and appropriate
A state wherein one's internal representation works in an aligned way What a person says corresponds with what they do Both their non-verbal signals and their verbal statements match A state of unity, fitness, internal harmony, not conflict
Agreement, as between characters and a tree, or between the topologies (shapes) of two trees, e g derived from different data sets, such as molecular and morphological Some authors like to make separate phylogeny estimates from different data sets, and then test their congruence (cf total evidence)
Casually speaking, the remainder after a division of integers In number theory we say than integer a (exactly) divides integer b (denoted a | b) if and only if there is an integer k such that ak = b In number theory we say that integer a is congruent to integer b modulo m, denoted a = b (mod m), if and only if m | (a - b) Here m is the divisor or modulus
congruence of triangles
state of corresponding at all points of triangles
congruence theorem
formula which declares triangles to be exactly coinciding (Geometry)

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