compression ratio

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The ratio of the size of compressed data after the execution of some compression algorithm to the size of the original data
The ratio of the volume between the cylinder head of an internal combustion engine and the piston before and after the compression stroke
(Otomotiv) The ratio between the two volume extremes of the combustion chamber. This cylinder's cubic volume is measured when the piston is at the top (Top Dead Center) and the bottom of its stroke. The higher this ratio, the higher the octane rating required by your engine to prevent pre-ignition (or engine knocking) under load
In an internal combustion engine, the ratio of the maximum to the minimum volume within the cylinder, between the piston and cylinder head. Degree to which the fuel mixture in an internal-combustion engine is compressed before ignition. It is defined as the volume of the combustion chamber with the piston farthest out divided by the volume with the piston in the full-compression position (see piston and cylinder). A compression ratio of six means that the action of the piston compresses the mixture to one-sixth its original volume. A high ratio promotes efficiency but may cause engine knock
compression ratio

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    com·pres·sion ra·tio

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    kımpreşın reyşiō


    /kəmˈpresʜən ˈrāsʜēˌō/ /kəmˈprɛʃən ˈreɪʃiːˌoʊ/

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