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serving to commemorate, e.g., a person or event

a commemorative plaque.

a postage stamp issued to commemorate, usually a person or event; also commonly applied to thematic (topical) stamp issues
an object made to commemorate a person, mark an event, etc
{a} preserving a remembrance
a coin struck specially to honor a place, event, or person Commemorative coins are generally sold at a premium and are not meant to circulate
Use of a gift to perpetuate memory of an individual, family, firm, or organization; by receiving a gift, the institution commits itself to honor the name in an appropriate form Topic areas: Fundraising and Financial Sustainability
a coin or medal minted to honor an outstanding person, place, or event
There are basically two types of postage stamps - commemmorative and definitive commemorative stamp is one that is issued for a short time and which has an underlying special theme or subject : honour or commemorate anniversaries, important people or special events
A coin issued to mark a special event or to honor an outstanding person An example is the Jersey 1966 Five Shillings commemorative
Special stamps issued to honour a special event, anniversary, or important people
A coin with a design honoring a person, place or event in history
a coin honoring an event, place or individual, usually of limited mintage
A coin with a design commemorating a person, place or event
A coin issued with a one year only design to signify the anniversary of an important event, person or place
A stamp printed in a limited quantity and available for purchase for a limited time The design may note an anniversary associated with an individual, an historic event, or a national landmark See also Definitive
intended as a commemoration; "a commemorative plaque
intended as a commemoration; "a commemorative plaque"
a special coin or medal issued to honor an outstanding person, place, or event in history
Tending or intended to commemorate
{s} in memory, marking, perpetuating, in honor, acknowledging
A commemorative object or event is intended to make people remember a particular event or person. The Queen unveiled a commemorative plaque
commemorative medallion
medallion celebrating an historical event