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One who arrives

The champ will face all comers.

one in a race who is catching up to others and shows promise of winning
fig one who is catching up in some contest and has a likelihood of victory
{n} one that comes, one that draws near
One who comes, or who has come; one who has arrived, and is present
You can use comers to refer to people who arrive at a particular place. I arrived at the church at two-thirty p.m. to find some early comers outside the main door The first comer was the Sultan himself. see also all-comers, latecomer, newcomer. anyone who wants to take part in an activity, especially a sporting competition
someone with a promising future
{i} someone or something with a promising future; someone or someone that arrives
someone who arrives (or has arrived)
Comer Vann Woodward
v. born Nov. 13, 1908, Vanndale, Ark., U.S. died Dec. 17, 1999, Hamden, Conn. U.S. historian. He graduated from Emory University in 1930 and received his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina. His writings on the American South and the Civil War, including The Strange Career of Jim Crow (1955) and The Burden of Southern History (1961), transformed the nation's understanding of the region. He edited Mary Chesnut's Civil War (1981, Pulitzer Prize) and The Oxford History of the United States. At his death he was professor emeritus at Yale University
someone who is up-and-coming, who has begun to be successful in some field and is likely to become even more successful in the future
plural of comer

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