come down to us

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come down to
(fiil) şeklinde sonuçlanmak
come down to
come to us
bize gel
come down to
come down to
bata çıka
come down to
{f} şeklinde sonuçlanmak
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To survive to the present day; to be extant in some form

As you’ll have noticed, a large number of pre-Renaissance writings on language have come down to us without any indication of their author’s name, or with a false one attached.

come down to
To reach by moving down or reducing

Come down to my place someday and have lunch.

come down to
To depend upon, basically, ultimately or in essence

The game is going to come down to the last five seconds.

come down to
(Ev ile ilgili) 1. If a situation or decision comes down to something, that is the thing that influences it most: It all comes down to money in the end.2. If a situation or problem comes down to something, it can be described or explained most simply in that way: What the problem comes down to is whether the consumer will be willing to pay more for a higher quality product
come down to
{f} represent something in a fundamental manner; basically amount to; deal with or confront straight to the point; visit (e.g.: "why don't you come down to my house and have a coffee?")
come down to
If a problem, decision, or question comes down to a particular thing, that thing is the most important factor involved. Walter Crowley says the problem comes down to money I think that it comes down to the fact that people do feel very dependent on their automobile What it comes down to is, there are bad people out there, and somebody has to deal with them
come down to us

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    come Down to us

    Турецкое произношение

    kʌm daun tı yues


    /ˈkəm ˈdoun tə ˈyo͞oˈes/ /ˈkʌm ˈdaʊn tə ˈjuːˈɛs/

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