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A loud, hard sound of metal hitting metal, especially such a repetitive sound
To make a clanking sound
{n} a sharp or shrill noise
{v} to clatter, to strike together
{f} make a sharp metallic sound, clang, chink, clatter
a loud resonant repeating noise; "he could hear the clang of distant bells"
When large metal objects clank, they make a noise because they are hitting together or hitting against something hard. A pan rattled and clanked `Here we are now,' Beth said, as the train clanked into a tiny station. the clanking noise of the ferry. if a metal object clanks, it makes a loud heavy sound (Probably from the sound)
make a clank; "the train clanked through the village
To sound with a clank
make a clank; "the train clanked through the village"
A sharp, brief, ringing sound, made by a collision of metallic or other sonorous bodies; usually expressing a duller or less resounding sound than clang, and a deeper and stronger sound than clink
To cause to sound with a clank; as, the prisoners clank their chains
{i} sound of striking metal, clang, chink, rattle, clatter
past of clank
having a hard nonresonant metallic sound; "clanking chains"; "the clanking arms of the soldiers near him
present participle of clank
third-person singular of clank
plural of clank