civil action

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hukuk davası
military civil action
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: In the United States, a lawsuit between private parties, including an action by a private person against a government entity, which will be treated as a private party by the court
Roman Dutch Law: a lawsuit which is not criminal in nature. It may be between the state and a private party. It is usually based in contract, or delict (tort)
An action maintained to protect a private, civil right, or to compel a civil remedy, as distinguished from a criminal prosecution
An action brought in a civil court of law by a plaintiff against a defendant where the plaintiff usually claims the defendant has injured the plaintiff or the plaintiff's property in some way or the defendant has violated some law, regulation, or ordinance A lawsuit
legal action to protect a private civil right or to compel a civil remedy (as distinguished from criminal prosecution)
An action where an issue, formed by some kind of complaint, is presented for trial Proceedings are for declaration, enforcement, protection of a right, redress, or prevention of a wrong
Every law suit other than a criminal action; an adversary proceeding for the enforcement or protection of a legal right or the redress or prevention of a wrong
A court action brought to gain or to recover individual or civil rights or to obtain redress for an alleged noncriminal injustice
Lawsuit between private parties, usually to recover money, property, or remedies, or to enforce rights
An action brought by a party to enforce or protect private rights
1 An action to protect a private right or to compel a civil remedy in a dispute between private parties, as distinguished from a criminal prosecution
civil lawsuit, lawsuit which is brought by a citizen (as opposed to a criminal suit which is brought by the government)
A lawsuit filed in course against a person who has either failed to comply with statutory or regulatory requirements or an administrative order or has contributed to a release of hazardous wastes or constituents There are four types of civil actions: Compliance Corrective Monitoring and Analysis Imminent Hazard
a legal proceeding brought to protect a civil right created by common law or statute
An action brought to enforce or protect private rights
A lawsuit between private parties
civil action

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    ci·vil ac·tion

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    sîvıl äkşın


    /ˈsəvəl ˈaksʜən/ /ˈsɪvəl ˈækʃən/


    [ 'si-v&l ] (adjective.) 14th century. Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin civilis, from civis.

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