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The art and technique of making and reproducing motion pictures
The art or science of motion picture photography
In this course, we're using the term cinematography to cover all those things that the Director of Photography for a film would be responsible for: in other words, all those technical decisions and practices associated with the camera itself This includes choosing the film stock, lenses, angles, distances, and camera movements as well as (sometimes) deciding how the lighting will be set up Filmmakers who favor a mise-en-scene approach over a montage approach will often do the things that editing normally does with carefully choreographed camerawork (for example, the first long take in Orson Welles's Touch of Evil)
Cinematography is the technique of making films for the cinema. an admirer of Arthur Jafa's breathtaking cinematography. the skill or study of making films (cinematograph; CINEMA). Art and technology of motion-picture photography. It involves the composition of a scene, lighting of the set and actors, choice of cameras, camera angle, and integration of special effects to achieve the photographic images desired by the director. Cinematography focuses on relations between the individual shots and groups of shots that make up a scene to produce a film's effect. Well-known cinematographers include Nestor Almendros, Gregg Toland, and Sven Nykvist
A general term for all the manipulations of the film strip by the camera in the shooting phase and by the laboratory in the developing phase
the act of making a film
{i} art of motion pictures, art of making movies
The discipline of making lighting and camera choices when recording photographic images for the cinema
Visual effects in general In particular, the panoramic countryside shots if outside the Village; the colorful buildings and costumes if within the Village; and fancy ``high-tech'' props, high-tech especially for the 1960s
the art of motion-picture photography
pretty pictures that move; typically preceded by an adjective ("stunning," "dreamlike," "flat")
The making of motion pictures
A photographer who operates a movie camera, or who oversees the operations of the cameras and lighting when making a film
a photographer who operates a movie camera
Director of Photography
The director of photography in film-making
A motion picture photographer (Ch 13)
{i} one who films movies, movie maker or photographer
A photographer who operates a movie camera, or who oversees the operations of the cameras when making a film
One who exhibits moving pictures or who takes chronophotographs by the cinematograph
A cinematographer is a person who decides what filming techniques should be used during the shooting of a film
{s} of or pertaining to cinematography (art of creating motion pictures)
of or pertaining to cinematography
through cinematography (art of creating motion pictures)

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    /ˌsənəməˈtägrəfē/ /ˌsɪnɪməˈtɑːɡrəfiː/


    [ "si-n&-m&-'tä-gr& ] (noun.) 1897. From cinematograph + -graphy

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