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{i} yığın

Büyük bir buz yığını çatıdan kaydığında ve ona çarptığında Tom yaralandı. - Tom was injured when a large chunk of ice slid off the roof and hit him.

(Gıda) gerdan
kalın parça
iri parça
kısa ve kalın parça
büyük miktar
bodur ve güçlü at veya başka hayvan
{i} kocaman parça
{i} bodur ama güçlü hayvan
{i} k.dili. tıknaz adam
kuvvetli ve tıknaz adam
chunky bodur
topak topak
{i} kalın bir parça
külçe halinde
chunkiness bodurluk
{i} tıknaz ve güçlü adam
{i} k.dili. büyük bir miktar
{i} topak
{i} külçe
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) istif
chunk not found
(Bilgisayar) küçük birim bulunamadı
ice chunk
(Askeri) buz külçesi
ice chunk
(Askeri) buz topağı
ice chunk
(Askeri) buz yığını
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
especially is southern U.S., to throw
A representative of a substance at large, often large and irregular

A chunk of granite.

A part of something that has been separated

The statue broke into chunks.

A discrete segment of a file, stream, etc. (especially one that represents audiovisual media); a block

The first DWORD of a chunk data in the RIFF chunk is a four character code value identifying the form type of the file.

To break into large pieces or chunks
{n} a short piece of wood, a low
A subset of consecutive loop iterations
some anonymous amount of memory
a compact mass; "a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder"
When the club strikes the ground well behind the ball
A section of a PNG file Each chunk has a type indicated by its chunk type name Most types of chunks also include some data The format and meaning of the data within the chunk are determined by the type name
A meaningful grouping of stimuli that can be stored as a unit in short-term memory
The basic component of a SCUMM data file A chunk is a block of data that starts with a chunk tag; a two or four byte indentifier of the type of data stored in the chunk, and the length of the chunk The rest of the chunk can be data of any type and may contain child chunks
A larger version of a chip, where a more substantial piece of glass is missing
group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side
An area of contiguous linear memory It is the unit of memory allocation where a region of RAM is mapped into contiguous logical addresses Chunks are allocated during boot for such things as the Kernel's data and stack
Same as chili dip
A term coined by G A Miller (1956) to refer to the units or memory records that encode a small number of elements (Anderson)
A chunk of something is a large amount or large part of it. The company owns a chunk of farmland near Gatwick Airport
A part of something that has been separated, often large pieces
That portion of a user file that fits on the current media volume Most small files are written as single chunks When a migrated file cannot fit onto a single volume, the file is split into chunks
(aka: "fat" or "thick") to hit the ground before the ball, usually resulting in the ball not going as far as intended Example: "That ball would have cleared the water if you hadn't chunked it "
esp. is southern U.S., to throw
put together indiscriminately; "lump together all the applicants"
a grouping, by which a collection of items is organized into a coherent whole
A chunk is an arbitrary collection of atmospheric columns The chunk is used as the fundamental processing unit in the physics package
A short, thick piece of anything
The basic building block of a Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) file, consisting of an identifier (called a chunk identifier), a chunk-size variable, and a chunk data area of variable size
{i} lump, piece
NUMBER Value of the CHUNK attribute of the LOB data partition
NUMBER Size (in bytes) of the LOB chunk as a unit of allocation or manipulation
Chunks of something are thick solid pieces of it. a chunk of meat Cut the melon into chunks. = lump
The largest unit of physical disk available for data storage A group of chunks defines a dbspace or an sbspace
A shot in which a player hits behind the ball resulting in a more turf being removed than desired The resulting shot is also much shorter than desired May also be called a "chili-dip "
chunk of change
large sum of money, large amount of cash
chunk of the economy
respectable portion of the economy
A method of presenting information which splits concepts into small pieces or "chunks" of information to make reading and understanding faster and easier, using such methods as bulleted lists, short subheadings, or short sentences with one or two ideas per sentence
The process of reducing something to short, thick pieces of its former self, usually using a hammer or a crowbar
past of chunk
grouping information into meaningful units for easier handling by short term memory
Recording of stimuli so that the information load per unit is increased (e g , letters into words, words into phrases, and so on) (Solso)
Collapsing multiple-word phrases into a single word, in the manner of acronyms
Grouping information by class and sub-class, especially useful when combined with the principles of logical typing order Chunking develops meaning and thereby facilitates memory (See logical levels)
(psychology) the configuration of smaller units of information into large coordinated units
{s} stocky
The combining of several units of information into a single unit
Replacing a longer string by a shorter one
Changing perceptions by moving up or down levels Chunking up is going up and looking at a level that includes what you are studying For example, looking at the intention behind a question chunks up form that question Chunking down is going down a level to look at more specific example or part of what you are studying For example, the first step in formulating an outcome is to phrase it in the positive
The mental act of placing knowledge or data into larger 'chunks' in order to connect smaller chunks to each other
the human ability to group related information into short-term memory and thus increase its functional storage capacity
The grouping of ideas or words on the screen
The process of separating learning materials into brief sections in order to improve learner comprehension and retention Topic areas: Staff Development and Organizational Capacity, Operations Management and Leadership
A storage layout where a dataset is partitioned into fixed-size multi-dimensional chunks Chunking tends to improve performance and facilitates dataset extensibility
A strategy for making more efficient use of short-term memory by recoding information
The process of separating learning materials into brief sections in order to improve learner comprehension and retention
The division of online material into small segments Screens are hard to read and have limited scope -- so "chunks" have to be small Creating logical chunks, and assigning object-oriented designators such as classes to them, makes single sourcing much more effective S&C's document conversion / single sourcing service uses chunking extensively
A memorization technique
Changing perception by going up or down levels and/or logical levels Chunking up refers to going up a level (inducing up, induction) It leads to higher abstractions Chunking down refers to going a level (deducing, deduction) It leads to more specific examples or cases
{i} formation of smaller units of information into large coordinated units
present participle of chunk
the ability of the brain to perceive a coherent group of such items as a single item or chunk
plural of chunk
The building blocks of product architecture They are made up of inseparable physical elements Other terms for chunks may be modules or major subassemblies
third-person singular of chunk
Usually bite-size pieces, about 1-inch or larger
Pieces of food which have been cut into equal sizes, measuring at least 2 5cm/1inch
Units of memory (p 239)
large chunk of the economy
large proportion of the economy