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{i} bekârlık

Katolik rahipler bekârlık uygularlar. - Catholic priests practice celibacy.

{i} (gen. dini nedenlerden dolayı) evlenmeme ve cinsel ilişkide bulunmama
dinsel nedenlerden dolayı evlenmeme
(isim) bekârlık
evlenmeme yemini
dinsel nedenle evlenmemek
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Abstaining from marriage; the state of being unmarried
Abstaining from sexual relations
{n} a single life or state
Celibacy is the state of being celibate. The deliberate abstinence from sexual activity, usually in connection with a religious role or practice. It has existed in some form in most world religions. It may indicate a person's ritual purity (sexual relations being viewed as polluting) or may be adopted to facilitate spiritual advancement (as sexual activity would take place only within the bonds of matrimony, marriage and family were seen as an entangling distraction). In shamanistic religions, shamans are often celibate. In Hinduism, "holy men" (or women) who have left ordinary secular life to seek final liberation are celibate. Buddhism began as a celibate order, though many sects have since given up celibacy. Chinese taoism has monastics and independent celibate adepts. Islam has no institutional celibacy, but individuals may embrace it for personal spiritual advancement. Judaism has prescribed periods of abstinence, but long-term celibacy has not played a large role. The early Christian church tended to regard celibacy as superior to marriage. Since the 12th century it has been the rule for Roman Catholic clergy, though clerical celibacy was never adopted by Protestantism
Not engaging in any kind of sexual activity
The state of not being married
The state of being unmarried; single life, esp
{i} state of being unmarried; abstention from sexual intercourse, chastity
an unmarried status
that of a bachelor, or of one bound by vows not to marry
abstaining from sexual relations (as because of religious vows)
The unmarried state of life Unlike the Roman Church, Orthodoxy permits a clergyman to be married; however, his marriage must occur before the ordination to a deacon or presbyter Orthodox bishops are only chosen from the celibate clergy, but widowers, who have accepted monastic vows, may also be chosen
A state of abstention from sexual intercourse