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{i} sedir

Sedir kokusu güveleri iter. - The scent of cedar repels moths.

Sedirler nerede yetişir? - Where do cedars grow?

sedir ağacı

Orada büyük bir sedir ağacı vardı. - There used to be a large cedar tree there.

Cedrus deodara
cedar chest yünluleri güveden korumak için sedir ağacının odunun
Indian cedar çin ağacı
erz ağacı
{i} dağ selvisi
cedar of Lebanon Lübnan selvisi
Himalayan cedar
i., bot. sedir, dağservisi
bu ağaçların tahtası
Cedrus libani
cedar mahogany
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) sapele
cedar of lebanon
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) lübnan sediri
cedar of Lebanon
katran ağacı
cedar of lebanon
lübnan katran ağacı
cedar tree
erz ağacı
cedar waxwing
sedir waxwing
cedar essence
(Tıp) sedir esansı
lebanon cedar
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) lübnan sediri
ground cedar
sedir ağacı
Japanese cedar
bot. kriptomerya, Cryptomeria japonica
philippine cedar
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) filipin maunu
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A programming language
The aromatic wood from such a tree
A coniferous tree of the genus Cedrus in the coniferous plant family Pinaceae
{n} a genus of trees, evergreens, and very durable timber
Curzon says that Solomon cut down a cedar, and buried it on the spot where the pool of Bethesda used to stand A few days before the crucifixion, this cedar floated to the surface of the pool, and was employed as the upright of the Saviour's cross (Monasteries of the Levant ) (See Cross )
any of numerous trees of the family Cupressaceae that resemble cedars
The name of several evergreen trees
The wood is remarkable for its durability and fragrant odor
evergreen trees of the cypress family and the pine family
Of or pertaining to cedar
CEDAR (CERN EDMS for Detectors and AcceleratoRs) is the name of the EDMS project at CERN
any cedar of the genus Cedrus
Soon?Object-oriented language designed at Xerox PARC
any cedar of the genus Cedrus durable aromatic wood of any of numerous cedar trees; especially wood of the red cedar often used for cedar chests any of numerous trees of the family Cupressaceae that resemble cedars
Western Red Cedar is one of the highest quality softwoods available and is selected and imported from Australasia or the USA under license Even when compared to basswoods, cedar is a lightweight and a naturally fragrant timber with a unique pore structure that offers excellent thermal and acoustic properties
{i} type of cone-bearing evergreen tree
Cedar, Spanish Cedrela spp
durable aromatic wood of any of numerous cedar trees; especially wood of the red cedar often used for cedar chests
The kind of wood that is used to make most cigar boxes and humidors
The cedar we use will general be rough on one side, and planned on the other For the bird houses, if in the descriptions says the bird house is "rough", then the rough side of the cedar will be on the exterior In some instances, the cedar maybe rough on both sides If the description says the bird house is "finished", then the planned side will be on the exterior For items other then bird houses, the cedar will be planned on both sides and considered finished
A cedar is a large evergreen tree with wide branches and small thin leaves called needles. Cedar is the wood of this tree. The yacht is built of cedar strip planking. Any of four species of tall ornamental and timber evergreen coniferous trees of the genus Cedrus, in the pine family. Three cedars are native to mountainous areas of the Mediterranean region and one to the western Himalayas. These "true" cedars are the Atlas cedar (C. atlantica), the Cyprus cedar (C. brevifolia), the deodar (C. deodara), and the cedar of Lebanon (C. libani). Cedarwood is light, soft, resinous, and durable, even when in contact with soil or moisture. Many other conifers known as cedars resemble true cedars in being evergreen and in having aromatic, often red or red-tinged wood that in many cases is decay-resistant and insect-repellent. The giant arborvitae, incense cedar, and some junipers (red cedar) provide the familiar "cedarwood" of pencils, chests, closet linings, and fence posts. See also white cedar. Cedar Breaks National Monument Cedar Rapids Cedar River white cedar
99% of the time people are referring to Spanish Cedar when they talk about cedar cigar boxes and humidors C'mon, who wants cigars that smell like your old sweater that you stored in a red cedar box?
Cedar Breaks National Monument
Preserve, southwestern Utah, U.S. Established as a national monument in 1933, it consists of a vast natural amphitheatre (10 sq mi [26 sq km]) eroded in a limestone escarpment. Iron and manganese oxide impurities in the cliff produce an amazing variety of colours that change constantly
Cedar Rapids
A city of east-central Iowa on the Cedar River west-northwest of Davenport. It is a major commercial, industrial, and transportation center. Population: 108,751. City (pop., 2000: 120,758), eastern Iowa, U.S. Originally called Rapids City, it was settled in the 1830s next to rapids of the Cedar River, a source of waterpower. With the coming of the railroads, it developed as a grain and livestock market. Neighbouring Kingston was annexed in 1870, and Kenwood Park in 1926. Its manufactures include electronic equipment and farm machinery. It was the home of the artist Grant Wood
Cedar River
A river rising in southeast Minnesota and flowing about 531 km (330 mi) southeastward to the Iowa River in southeast Iowa. River, northern central U.S. Flowing from southeastern Minnesota southeasterly across Iowa, it joins the Iowa River about 20 mi (32 km) from the Mississippi River. Over its 329-mi (529-km) course it passes through many cities, including Cedar Rapids. The river is named for the stands of red cedar along its lower course
cedar chest
a chest made of cedar
cedar elm
elm of southern United States and Mexico having spreading pendulous corky branches
cedar of Lebanon
A large, long-lived cedar (Cedrus libani), native to Lebanon and Turkey and having spreading horizontal branches at maturity, short dark needles, and fragrant hard wood
cedar of Lebanon
type of tree that is native to Asia Minor
cedar of lebanon
cedar of Lebanon and northwestern Syria that attains great age and height
cedar rapids
a city in eastern Iowa
cedar tree
cedar: any cedar of the genus Cedrus
cedar tree
cedar: any of numerous trees of the family Cupressaceae that resemble cedars
cedar waxwing
A North American bird (Bombycilla cedrorum) having a crested head, a yellow-tipped tail, and predominantly brown plumage. Also called cedarbird
cedar waxwing
widely distributed over temperate North America
deodar cedar
A tall cedar, Cedrus deodara, native to the western Himalayas
eastern red cedar
A species of juniper, Juniperus virginiana
red cedar
an evergreen tree of the juniper family having reddish wood and found in North America
red cedar
an evergreen tree of the arbor vitae family with reddish wood, found in North America
red cedar
an evergreen tree of the mahogany family with reddish wood, found in Australia
red cedar
the wood of any of these trees
salt cedar
Name for an invasive plant of the Southwest United States (native to Eurasia) of the genus Tamarisk. Originally imported as an ornamental plant when it escapes into the wild it is considered a weed because it crowds out native plants
white cedar
An evergreen coniferous tree of the Cupressaceae family, native to the northeastern US and southeastern Canada
white cedar
The chinaberry
white cedar
The Atlantic white cypress
Atlas cedar
A northern African evergreen tree (Cedrus atlantica), having green to silvery-blue foliage and widely grown as an ornamental
Japanese cedar
An eastern Asian coniferous evergreen tree (Cryptomeria japonica) having curved, spirally arranged leaves and cultivated as an ornamental and timber tree. Also called cryptomeria
atlas cedar
tall Algerian evergreen of Atlas mountains with blue-green leaves; widely planted as an ornamental
bermuda cedar
ornamental densely pyramidal juniper of Bermuda; fairly large for a juniper
plural of cedar
chilean cedar
small well-shaped South American evergreen having coppery bark and pretty foliage
cigar-box cedar
fragrant wood much used for cigar boxes
east african cedar
tropical African timber tree with fragrant wood
eastern red cedar
small juniper found east of Rocky Mountains having a conic crown, brown bark that peels in shreds, and small sharp needles
ground cedar
a procumbent variety of the common juniper a variety of clubmoss
incense cedar
tall tree of the Pacific coast of North America having foliage like cypress and cinnamon-red bark any of several attractive trees of southwestern South America and New Zealand and New Caledonia having glossy evergreen leaves and scented wood
incense cedar
Any of several coniferous evergreen trees of the genera Calocedrus and Libocedrus, having flattened branches with scalelike leaves
japanese cedar
tall evergreen of Japan and China yielding valuable soft wood
oregon cedar
large timber tree of western North America with trunk diameter to 12 feet and height to 200 feet
pencil cedar
wood of a pencil cedar tree; used for making pencils any of several junipers with wood suitable for making pencils
port orford cedar
the wood of the Port Orford cedar tree
red cedar
tall tree of the Pacific coast of North America having foliage like cypress and cinnamon-red bark
red cedar
large valuable arborvitae of northwestern United States
red cedar
fragrant reddish wood of any of various red cedar trees
red cedar
small juniper found east of Rocky Mountains having a conic crown, brown bark that peels in shreds, and small sharp needles
southern red cedar
juniper of swampy coastal regions of southeastern United States; similar to eastern red cedar
southern white cedar
slow-growing medium-sized cedar of east coast of the United States; resembles American arborvitae
spanish cedar
tropical American tree yielding fragrant wood used especially for boxes
stinking cedar
rare small evergreen of northern Florida; its glossy green leaves have an unpleasant fetid smell when crushed
western red cedar
large valuable arborvitae of northwestern United States
white cedar
Either of two North American evergreen trees (Thuja occidentalis or Chamaecyparis thyoides) having light-colored wood. In the lumber trade, the American arborvitae, some species of false cypress (genus Chamaecyparis) and McNab cypress, incense cedar (Calocedrus decurrens), and California juniper, all in the cypress family. Nonconiferous trees that are called white cedar include the chinaberry (Melia azedarach, mahogany family) and some members of the plant families Bignoniaceae (trumpet creepers), Celastraceae (staff trees), Myristicaceae (nutmegs), Burseraceae, and Dipterocarpaceae. Botanically, white cedar is Chamaecyparis thyoides, a picturesque tree with purple cones, native to North America and East Asia. The wood is used for carpentry, pencils, storage chests, interiors, and fence posts
white cedar
cedar which is white

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    [ 'sE-d&r ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English cedre, from Old French, from Latin cedrus, from Greek kedros.

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