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A feature allowing the user to put one caller on hold while other calls are made or answered
Call Hold (CHD) is a Class of Service feature that allows incoming calls to be put on hold by flashing the switchhook and dialing a hold call code Other calls can then be originated Dialing the hold call code again releases the held call
This feature allows the user to place a call on hold by depressing a button
If your telephone set is not equipped with a hold button, you can dial an access code to place a call on hold, eliminating background noise or conversations the called party wishes to keep private while he/she get answers for the incoming caller
Enables you to put a caller on hold while a second call is answered or made
Allows you to put an incoming call on hold
  A service feature in which a user may retain an existing call while accepting or originating another call using the same end instrument
Enables the subscriber to put a caller on hold
Allows you to "hold" the call, so the caller can't hear you
Enables you to put a caller on hold while a second call is answered or made To use this service, it must be supported by your network and by your phone You may also have to add this service to your subscription Back to the top
Allows the customer to hold one call for any length of time provided that neither party goes off-hook
call hold