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(özellikle şiir okurken) sesin alçalıp yükselmesi
{i} tempo
{i} sesin yavaşlaması
nagmenin sonu
cadenced derece derece inen
{i} müz. perdenin derece derece inmesi, nağmenin sonu, kadans
{i} sesin alçalması
{i} ritm
{i} ahenk
perdenin derece derece inmesi
{i} ses uyumu
(Askeri) YÜRÜYÜŞ VEZNİ VE KARARI: Yürüyüşte kullanılan belirli adım uzunluğu ve bir dakikada atılan adım adedi. Bunu, yürüyüş hızı demek olan (rate of march) terimi ile karıştırmamak gerekir
{i} kadans
cadence signal
ritimli sinyal
brillant cadence
(Muzik) kadans
broken cadence
(Muzik) kırık durgu
deceptive cadence
(Muzik) sürpriz durgu
final cadence
(Muzik) bitim kadansı
final cadence
(Muzik) bitiriş kadansı
interrupted cadence
(Muzik) kesik durgu
perfect cadence
(Muzik) tam durgu
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A female given name from the word cadence, taken to use in the 2000s
The general inflection or modulation of the voice
A chant that is sung by military personnel while running or marching; a jody call
The number of revolutions per minute of the cranks or pedals of a bicycle
The rhythm and sequence of a series of actions
The measure or beat of movement
The number of steps per minute
A progression of at least two chords which conclude a piece of music, section or musical phrases within it. Sometimes referred to analogously as musical punctuation
A fall in inflection of a speaker’s voice, such as at the end of a sentence
A dance move which ends a phrase

The cadence in a galliard step refers to the final leap in a cinquepace sequence.

Balanced, rhythmic flow
rhythmical or measured flow or movement, as in poetry or the time and pace of marching troops
{n} a fall of the voice, found, decline, step
from the word cadence, taken to use in the 2000s
A chordal or melodic progression which occurs at the close of a phrase, section, or composition, giving a feeling of repose; a temporary or permanent ending The most frequently used cadences are perfect, plagal, and deceptive
To regulate by musical measure
Rhythmical flow of language, in prose or verse
the rhythm in which a sequence of movements is made
The beat, time or measure of rhythmic motion or activity such as pedaling a bicycle Your cadence is the speed of your pedaling
the close of a musical section
the ametrical rhythm of natural speech
A cadence is the phrase that ends a section of music or a complete piece of music
The cadence of someone's voice is the way their voice gets higher and lower as they speak. He recognized the Polish cadences in her voice = intonation
A definite ending to a musical phrase
(prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse
This refers to the measured movement of a sound, such as the beat of the horse's footfalls
The stopping place at the end of a musical phrase Cadences can indicate finality or incompletion Whole Cadence, Perfect Cadence, Imperfect Cadence, Half Cadence, Authentic Cadence, Plagal Cadence, Deceptive Cadence
The close or fall of a strain; the point of rest, commonly reached by the immediate succession of the tonic to the dominant chord
the final notes of a strain in a tune, normally resolving on the tonic
The number of steps per minute, around 180 to 200 for many successful distance runners
The rhythm of a sequence of movements
a breathing break; termination of a musical phrase
The recurrent rhythmical pattern in lines of verse; also, the natural tone or modulation of the voice determined by the alternation of accented or unaccented syllables Sidelight: Cadence differs from meter in that it is not necessarily regular, but rather a more flexible concept of rhythm such as is characteristic of free verse and prose poetry (See also Accent, Ictus, Sprung Rhythm, Stress) (Compare Caesura)
A chord progression that comes at the closing of a musical phrase
A simple progression of harmonies, one chord to another, ending with a natural resting-place chord
The act or state of declining or sinking
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{i} rhythm, beat, intonation, inflection
A cadenza, or closing embellishment; a pause before the end of a strain, which the performer may fill with a flight of fancy
How many times per minute you spin the pedals around This is the Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) of the cranks For normal riding this is typically 60 - 80 RPM's
pedalling rate measured as the number of crank revolutions per minute, beginners tend to use too low a cadence A guide is 55-85 rpm for commuting / touring and 90-130 rpm for racing !
A uniform time and place in marching
A dance move which ends a phrase. (For example, the cadence in a galliard step refers to the final leap in a cinquepace sequence.)
The melodic or harmonic ending of a piece, or the sections or phrases within a piece A chord progression that gives a feeling of resolution, or conclusion
the rhythm in which a phase of movements is made
stopping point
A rhythmical modulation of the voice or of any sound; as, music of bells in cadence sweet
Trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc Refers to any of the products marketed by this company (TI*)
Rhythm of a gait in an increased impulsion Cadence involves regularity, energy, posture consistency and roundness in the movement
Closing of a phrase or section of music
A musical punctuation mark A cadence is a series of two chords (usually) that marks the end of a musical statement or substatement, or thought They are like commas, periods, and other marks They are often indicated by a couple of Roman numerals indicating the roots (note on which a triad is built) of the two triadic chords that make up the cadence
Harmony and proportion in motions, as of a well-managed horse
a recurrent rhythmical series
A fall of the voice in reading or speaking, especially at the end of a sentence
A fall in inflection of a speaker's voice, such as at the end of a sentence
a recurrent rhythmical series the close of a musical section
A ' resting place' which occurs at a phrase ending, or at the end of a composition It is usually based on the harmonic progression of two chords
The speed at which the pedals turn, measured in Revolutions Per Minute Inexperienced cyclists tend to ride in higher gears than they should, pedaling at a slower cadence Most experienced cyclists pedal at cadences in the range of 70-90 RPM This puts less strain on the joints, particularly the knees Racing cyclists often use even higher cadences for bursts of accelleration
The marked accentuation of the rhythm and (musical) beat that is a result of a steady and suitable tempo harmonizing with a springy impulsion
authentic cadence
A cadence where the dominant chord (fifth degree), or in some cases a substitute (the seventh degree chord), resolves to the tonic
deceptive cadence
a falling cadence in which the ear expects the a dominant chord to resolve to the tonic, but resolves to something else (usually a submediant chord) instead
drum cadence
A work played exclusively by the percussion section of a modern marching band, descended from early military marches, primarily as a purposefully emphasized means of providing a beat to marchers
phrygian cadence
A type of imperfect cadence frequently found in Baroque compositions. The gesture consists of a IV6-V final cadence in the minor mode at the end of a slow movement or slow introduction. It implies that a fast movement is to follow without pause, generally in the same key
plagal cadence
A falling cadence in which a subdominant chord precedes the tonic; especially used in an ending Amen

A fellow could rely on Market Street only so far, and then even that began to get discouraging, plagal cadences on parlor pianos, bright lights, and mirrors to the contrary notwithstanding.

ring cadence
The ringing pattern heard by the dialer before the called party picks up the call
marked by a rhythmical cadence; "the cadenced crunch of marching feet
Having a regular, rhythmic cadence
marked by a rhythmical cadence; "the cadenced crunch of marching feet"
plural of cadence
plagal cadence
a cadence (frequently ending church music) in which the chord of the subdominant precedes the chord of the tonic
plagal cadence
A cadence with the subdominant chord immediately preceding the tonic chord. Also called amen cadence