business unit

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Strategic Business Unit
Bir organizasyonun içinde stratejik bir öneme sahip küçük yapılara denir. Her bir yapının kendine ait bir görevi vardır ve bunlar; strateji geliştirmek ve diğerlerine(kendi alanında bulunan diğer şirketlerin yapılarına)karşı rekabetçi bir güce sahip olmaktır
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Part of a larger organisation that is to some degree self contained, but not free-standing Has its own profit and loss statement, or budget/expenditure schedule in the case of not-for-profit units Usually caters to a specific market on either a product basis or geographic basis May include its own marketing and finance sections Frequently a separate entity for accounting purposes Maintains and follows its own centrally approved business plan Follows corporate policies May be a joint venture
Represents a campus or separate reporting entity (See section on ChartFields for further details )
independent unit within a commercial body, body which conducts business activity
The ChartField that identifies a fundamental, high-level entity
The lowest level of the company which contains the set of functions that carry a product through its life span from concept through manufacture, distribution, sales and service
In PeopleSoft, a business unit defines a level of control that is significant and appropriate to the application you use Business units are used to segregate financial data for accounting purposes, or to segregate operations for management purposes How you define a business unit depends on your institutional structure, requirements, or reporting demands, as well as on how you've organized operating responsibilities In the VCCS, the business unit is the individual college
Any segment of an organization, or an entire business organization, which is not divided into further segments
A segment of the business entity by which both revenues are received and expenditure are caused or controlled, such revenues and expenditure being used to evaluate segmental performance
Strategic Business Unit
Strategic Business Unit or SBU is understood as a business unit within the overall corporate identity which is distinguishable from other business because it serves a defined external market where management can conduct strategic planning in relation to products and markets. When companies become really large, they are best thought of as being composed of a number of businesses (or SBUs)
business unit

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    busi·ness Unit

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    bîznıs yunıt


    /ˈbəznəs ˈyo͞onət/ /ˈbɪznəs ˈjuːnət/