busby berkeley

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{i} (1895-1976, born William Berkeley Enos) U.S. choreographer and film director
a US choreographer (=someone whose job is to arrange the movements in a dance) who directed the dancing in many films in the 1930s. He is known for his impressive and imaginative style of dances, which were usually performed by groups of young women (1895-1976). orig. William Berkeley Enos born Nov. 29, 1895, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S. died March 14, 1976, Palm Springs, Calif. U.S. film director and choreographer. The son of itinerant actors, he acted and danced in comedies from age five. After choreographing over 20 Broadway musicals, he was summoned to Hollywood to direct dance numbers for Whoopee (1930). His elaborate production numbers, innovative camera techniques, and opulent sets in such films as Gold Diggers of 1933 and Footlight Parade (1933) revolutionized the musical and offered escapist fare for moviegoers during the Great Depression. When rising production costs made such extravaganzas unfeasible, he directed less innovative but still popular films such as The Gang's All Here (1943)
busby berkeley

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    bus·by Berke·ley

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    bʌzbi bırkli


    /ˈbəzbē ˈbərklē/ /ˈbʌzbiː ˈbɜrkliː/

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