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A city in California
A surname
American horticulturist who developed countless new varieties of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, including the Burbank potato and the Shasta daisy
United States horticulturist who developed many new varieties of fruits and vegetables and flowers (1849-1926)
Luther Burbank
born March 7, 1849, Lancaster, Mass., U.S. died April 11, 1926, Santa Rosa, Cal. U.S. plant breeder. He was reared on a farm and never obtained a college education. Influenced by Charles Darwin's writings on domesticated plants, he began a plant-breeding career at age
Luther Burbank
On the proceeds of his rapid development of the hugely successful Burbank potato, he set up a nursery garden, greenhouse, and experimental farms in Santa Rosa, Cal. There he developed more than 800 new and useful strains and varieties of fruits, flowers, vegetables, grains, and grasses, many of which are still commercially important. His laboratory became world-famous, and he helped make plant breeding a modern science. He published two multivolume works and a series of descriptive catalogs
russet Burbank
A long rounded potato with a rough brown skin. Also called Idaho

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