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a short outrigger projecting from the side of the aft part of a square-rigged sailing ship, used as an attachment point for a rope (brace) used to set a yard-arm at different angles to a mast so to allow the ship to sail at different angles to the wind
(b) One from each quarter, for the main-brace blocks, and called brace bumpkin
(c) A small outrigger over the stern of a boat, to extend the mizzen
{i} beam that projects outward from a ship (used to attach sails, wooden planks, etc.), bumpkin
A projecting beam or boom; as: (a) One projecting from each bow of a vessel, to haul the fore tack to, called a tack bumpkin

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    (noun.) circa 1632. probably from Flemish boomken, diminutive of boom tree.

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