bugger off

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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
(Dilbilim) çekip gitmek
siktir olup gitmek
toz olmak
İng., argo sıvışmak, toz olmak
şıktır git!
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
An expression of disagreement or disbelief

Bugger off! You are joking, aren't you?.

Go away
To leave, go away, disappear

We tried to catch him, but he had already buggered off.

{ü} leave at once!, depart, go away!, get lost! (used generally in the imperative form and in annoyance)
leave immediately; used usually in the imperative form; "Scram!"
{f} leave quickly and unexpectedly
If someone buggers off, they go away quickly and suddenly. People often say bugger off as a rude way of telling someone to go away. = sod off
bugger off

    Расстановка переносов

    bug·ger off

    Турецкое произношение

    bʌgır ôf


    get lost, fuck off


    /ˈbəgər ˈôf/ /ˈbʌɡɜr ˈɔːf/


    [ 'b&-g&r, 'bu-g&r ] (noun.) 1555. Middle English bougre heretic, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin Bulgarus, literally, Bulgarian; from the association of Bulgaria with the Bogomils, who were accused of sodomy.

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