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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
ingiliz standartları
(Askeri) muharebe karargahı; yayın kaynağı (battle staff; broadcast source)
Bachelor of Scienee Fen Fakültesi mezunu
Турецкий язык - Турецкий язык
Step iklim kuşağının simgesi
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Bridgestone, a tire company
Euphemistic for bullshit
Bachelor of Science
balance sheet
the statistic reporting "blown saves"
Short of "bull shit"
receipt, sales document
BS is an abbreviation for `British Standard', which is a standard that something sold in Britain must reach in a test to prove that it is satisfactory or safe. Each standard has a number for reference. Does your electric blanket conform to BS 3456?
science degree, graduate with a bachelor's degree in scientific studies
A BS is the same as a BSc. Bahamas (in Internet addresses)
plural of B
While it might sometimes seem like a load of BS to Americans, it's actually the British Standard Another Brit measurement pertaining to the size and threads of nuts and bolts See also Whitworth
British Standard
BUS SUBSIDY - Employer pays or reimburses their employees for a portion or full cost of a bus pass
= British Standards Institute
Broadcasting satellite Japanese regulations distinguish BSs from CSs and control BS transmissions only NHK and WOWOW use BSs for their broadcasting
The broadsword, one of MUD's strongest weapons Many long words are abbreviated in this manner, eg CS for candlestick, BC for bookcase, FS for firestone
Bench Sew
Blood Services/Biomedical Services
In a cellular radio network, the base station (BS) is used for the transmission and reception of the radio signals between the mobile terminal (i e the mobile phone) and the network
Band Saw A saw with a long continuous blade mounted on a pair of wheels This saw is used for resawing lumber to thickness and for cutting decorative curves
Blown Saves
Business Systems
Bearer Service
Bachelor's of Science
abbr Busy Season
Blown Save
Saturation induction
Background Services
British Standards
broadcasting station/service
Base Station Also known as MMS (Mobility Support Station) or Base Station Controller
Base Station
a bachelor's degree in science
Турецкий язык - Английский Язык