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Ev kırmızı tuğladan yapılmıştır. - The house is built of red bricks.

O ev tuğla ile inşa edilmiştir. - That house is built of bricks.

(Ticaret) kalıp
tuğla biçiminde herhangi bir şey
{f} tuğla döşe
fırlatılan herhangi bir şey
{i} (gen. deliksiz/boşluksuz) tuğla
tuğla,v.tuğla döşe: n.tuğla
tuğla ile örmek veya kapamak
tuğla biçiminde şey
{i} iyi dost
dili hoşa gitmeyen söz veya tenkit
{s} tuğladan yapılmış

Bu baca tuğladan yapılmıştır. - This chimney is made of brick.

Ev kırmızı tuğladan yapılmıştır. - The house is built of red bricks.

brirck dust tuğla tozu
brickbattuğla parçası
tuğla döşemek
{f} tuğla ile örmek
(fiil) tuğla ile örmek
dili mert ve iyi bir kimse
brick oven
Briket veya tuğladan yapılmış bahçe fırını
brick dust
(İnşaat,Teknik) tuğla tozu
brick slip
brick trowel
(İnşaat) sürgü
brick veneer
(İnşaat) tuğla kaplama
brick arch
tuğla kemer
brick course
tuğla dizisi
brick kiln
tuğla ocağı
brick kiln
tuğla fırını
brick maker
brick masonry
tuğla inşaat
brick pavement
tuğla kaldırım
brick paving
tuğla kaplama
brick pier
tuğla payanda
brick plant
tuğla fabrikası
brick red
kiremit rengi
brick up
tuğla döşe
brick up
tuğlalarla doldurmak
brick wall
tuğla duvar

Tuğla duvar kendiliğinden çöktü. - The brick wall collapsed on itself

brick worker
tuğla işçisi
brick and mortar
tuğla ve harç
brick bat
tuğla parçası
brick clay
tuğla kıl
brick field
tuğla harmanı
brick in
Tuğlalarla duvar örmek
brick kiln
tuğla fırını, tuğla ocağı
brick layer
tuğla katman
brick mason
tuğla duvarcisi, tuğla örücüsü
brick nogging
tuğla himisi
brick paved, paved
tuğla, asfalt döşeli
brick trowel
büyük mala, sürgü
brick works
tuğla işleri
brick axe
(İnşaat) tuğlacı çekici
brick ballast
tuğla kırığı
brick beam
(İnşaat) reks kirişi
brick chipping
tuğla kırığı
brick chisel
(İnşaat) tuğla keskisi
brick clay
(İnşaat) tuğla kili
brick color
kiremit rengi
brick colored
kiremit rengi
brick construction
(İnşaat) tuğla inşaat
brick earth
(İnşaat) tuğla toprağı
brick facing
(İnşaat) dış cepheyi tuğlayla örme
brick furnace
(İnşaat) tuğla fırını
brick in
tuğlayla örmek
brick in
tuğla örerek kapatmak
brick in
tuğlayla kapatmak
brick laying
(İnşaat) tuğla örülmesi
brick mason
(İnşaat) tuğla duvarcısı
brick mason
(İnşaat) tuğla örücüsü
brick masonry
tuğla yığma
brick masonry
(İnşaat) tuğla duvar örgüsü
brick nogging
(İnşaat) tuğla hımışı
brick nogging
(İnşaat) tuğla dolgu
brick over
tuğlayla kapatmak
brick over
tuğlayla örmek
brick over
tuğla örerek kapatmak
brick pallet
(İnşaat) tuğla paleti
brick pan
tuğla tavası
brick pavement
(İnşaat) tuğla döşeme kaplaması
brick pavement
(İnşaat) tuğla döşeme
brick paving
(İnşaat) tuğla döşeme
brick pier
(İnşaat) tuğla ayak
brick plant
tuğla imalathanesi
brick press
(İnşaat) tuğla presi
brick red
(İnşaat) kiremitrengi
brick red
(İnşaat,Teknik) tuğla kırmızısı
brick setting
tuğla döşeme
brick strength
tuğla mukavemeti
brick trimmer
(İnşaat) tuğla kesici
brick up
tuğla örerek kapatmak
brick up
tuğlayla örmek
brick up
tuğlayla kapatmak
brick vault
(İnşaat) tuğla tonoz
brick walling
(İnşaat) tuğla duvar örme
brick ware
(İnşaat) tuğla gereçler
brick work
tuğladan yapılmış şey
brick work
tuğla işi
blend brick
(İnşaat) harman tuğlası
block brick
(İnşaat) blok tuğla

Tuğlalar çoğunlukla kilden oluşur. - Bricks consist mostly of clay.

Üreticiden kil tuğlalar satın alınabilir. - Clay bricks can be bought from the manufacturer.

built of stone or brick
(İnşaat) kargir
concrete brick
(İnşaat) beton tuğla
floor brick
(İnşaat) taban tuğlası
floor brick
(İnşaat) döşeme tuğlası
hollow brick
(İnşaat) boşluklu tuğla
sell somebody a gold brick
solid brick
(İnşaat) fabrika tuğlası
wood brick
ağaç takoz
adobe brick
kerpiç tuğla
air brick
delikli tuğla
angle brick
köşe tuğlası
arch brick
kemer tuğlası
circle brick
kemer tuğlası
common brick
adi tuğla
compass brick
dairesel duvar tuğlası
concave brick
çukur tuğla
drop a brick
pot kırmak
drop a brick
çam devirmek
dry pressed brick
kuru sıkıştırılmış tuğla
dutch brick
sert tuğla
face brick
yüz tuğlası
fire brick
ateş tuğlası
furnace brick
fırın tuğlası
gold brick
aldatıcı taklit
graphite brick
grafit tuğlası
hard brick
sert tuğla
head brick
baş tuğlası
hollow brick
delikli tuğla
machine made brick
makine tuğlası
pressed brick
makine tuğlası
pressed brick
prese tuğla
soft brick
yumuşak tuğla
unburnt brick
fırınlanmamış tuğla
ventilating brick
delikli tuğla
burnt brick
Pişmiş tuğla
drop a brick, clanger
cam devirmek, pot kırmak
enamelled brick
sırlı tuğla
facing brick
dış cephe tuğlası
fire brick
ateş tuğla
fireclay brick
samot tuğlası
glass brick
Cam tuğla
graphite refractory brick
grafitli ateş tuğlası
insulated brick
Yalıtılmış tuğla, izole tuğla
mud brick
Topraktan yapılmış tuğla
Çamurdan yapılmış tuğla
past of brick
tuğla geçmiş
paving brick
kaldırım tuğlası
pressed brick
prese tuğla, makine tuğlası
raw brick
firinlanmamis tuğla
refractory brick
refrakter tuğla
sand-lime brick
kireç-kum tuğla
sleeve brick
menfez tuğlası
thick as a brick
Anlayışı kıt. "We're all thick as a brick in at least öne subject, eh?"
tight as a brick
Bir tuğla sıkı olarak
unburnt brick
firinlanmamis tuğla
vitrified brick
sırlı tuğla
voussoir brick
kemer tuğlası
a brick
(Argo) uyumlu arkadaş
acid brick
asit tuğlası
basis brick
bazal tuğla
bath brick
hamam tuğlası
blue brick
(İnşaat) mavi tuğla
brick red
building brick
(Gıda) yapı tuğlası
built like a brick shit house
(Argo) son derece güçlü kimse
cement brick
çimento tuğlası
chrome brick
krom tuğlası
chrome brick
kromlu ateş tuğlası
chrome brick
kromit tuğlası
clinker brick
(İnşaat) klinker tuğla
clinker brick
(İnşaat) klinker tuğlası
compass brick
(İnşaat) kemer tuğlası
crushed brick concrete
tuğla kırığından beton
dense refractory brick
(İnşaat) yoğun refrakter tuğla
diagonal brick
(Bilgisayar) köşegen tuğla
drop a brick
{k} pot kırmak, gaf yapmak, çam devirmek
dropping a brick
pot kırma
engineering brick
(İnşaat) kalite tuğla
engineering brick
(İnşaat) kuvvetli tuğla
fired block brick
(İnşaat) pişmiş blok tuğla
fixing brick
(İnşaat) tespit takozu
fixing brick
(İnşaat) ahşap tuğla
furring brick
kaplama tuğlası
gold brick
değersiz şey
gold brick
gold brick
değersiz şey, taklit, uydurma, tembel, üşengeç kimse
lead brick
(Nükleer Bilimler) kurşun tuğla
perforated brick
(İnşaat) delikli tuğla
perforated brick block
(İnşaat) düşey delikli blok tuğla
plain brick
adi tuğla
quarter brick
(İnşaat) çeyrek tuğla
radial chimney brick
(İnşaat) baca tuğlası
radial chimney brick
(İnşaat) radyal eğmeçli tuğla
reinforced brick slab
(İnşaat) tuğlalı döşeme
rubbing brick
mozaik taşı
sell smb. a gold brick
swim like a brick
yüzme bilmemek
swim like a brick
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To hit someone using a brick
A power brick; an external power supply consisting of a small box with an integral male power plug and an attached electric cord terminating in another power plug
Considered collectively, as a building material

This house is made of brick.

Something shaped like a brick

a plastic explosive brick.

A shot which misses, particularly one which bounces directly out of the basket because of a too-flat trajectory, as if the ball were a heavier object

We can't win if we keep throwing up bricks from three-point land.

An electronic device, especially a heavy box-shaped one, that has become non-functional or obsolete
To build with bricks

The shaft was next bricked between the decks until the top scaffold was supported by the brickwork and to share the weight with the prids.

To make an electronic device nonfunctional and usually beyond repair, essentially making it no more useful than a brick

installing third-party firmware will void your warranty, and it is possible that you may brick your router.

A hardened rectangular block of mud, clay etc., used for building

This wall is made of bricks.

A helpful and reliable person

Thanks for helping me wash the car. You're a brick.

Made of brick(s)

All that was left after the fire was the brick chimney.

To be in a high state of anxiety or fright: "Bricking it"
To make into bricks

The plant, which is here described, for bricking fine ores and flue dust, was designed and the plans produced in the engineering department of the Selby smelter.

{a} made or built of brick
{n} clay with sand and water, shaperd in a mold, a loaf like a brick
{v} to lay, form, or wall up, with bricks
To make an electronic device nonfunctional and usually unrepareable, resulting in a device with a utility on par with a masonry brick
If you hit a brick wall or come up against a brick wall, you are unable to continue or make progress because something stops you. After that my career just seemed to hit a brick wall
A poor shot, usually thrown on a low trajectory, that bounces hard off the rim or backboard
A blank, or (especially in low or high-low games) a card that counterfeits one's hand "Brick" is more often heard in seven card stud, while "blank" is more appropriate to hold'em, probably because a brick is a personal thing, while a blank is a community thing
Soil is shaped in a mould and burnt slowly to harden Used to build walls in building
{s} made from bricks; resembling a brick
molded into a regular form, usually rectangular, and sun-dried, or burnt in a kiln, or in a heap or stack called a clamp
To construct with bricks
To imitate or counterfeit a brick wall on, as by smearing plaster with red ocher, making the joints with an edge tool, and pointing them
Pressed block of marijuana, opium, or morphine for bulk shipment
To be in a high state of anxiety: "Bricking it"
rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material
Building material made from clay molded into oblong blocks and fired in a kiln
A hardened block of mud, clay, etc, used for building
You can use bricks and mortar to refer to houses and other buildings, especially when they are considered as an investment. As an investment, bricks and mortar are not what they were
- many bundled packs of firecrackers which resembles a red brick
If you are banging your head against a brick wall, what you are saying or doing is not having any effect although you keep saying or doing it. I wanted to sort out this problem with him, but it was like banging my head against a brick wall
a large 13 oz unit of FIMO®
a good fellow; helpful and trustworthy
A kilogram-sized slab or cube of compressed pot
A building material usually made from clay, molded as a rectangular block, and baked or burned in a kiln
Rectangular blocks of clay, molded and fired in a kiln, used for building Four of the basic types are: building brick, firebrick, paving brick and facing brick
A block or clay tempered with water, sand, etc
A good fellow; a merry person; as, you 're a brick
to come down on somebody like a ton of bricks: see ton. brick off to separate an area from a larger area by building a wall of bricks. Small building unit in the form of a rectangular block, first produced in a sun-dried form at least 6,000 years ago. Clay, the basic ingredient, is mined from open pits, formed, and then fired in a kiln to produce strength, hardness, and heat resistance. Brick was the chief building material in the ancient Near East. Its versatility was expanded in ancient Rome by improvements in manufacture and by new techniques of bonding. Brick came to be widely used in Western Europe for the protection it offered against fire. See also masonry, mortar
An electronic device, especially a heavy box-shaped one, that has been rendered non-functional and, usually, non-repairable
Bricks are rectangular blocks of baked clay used for building walls, which are usually red or brown. Brick is the material made up of these blocks. She built bookshelves out of bricks and planks. a tiny garden surrounded by high brick walls
Made of brick
is a set of voxels that is small enough to be cached by underlying hardware, generally texture memory
Term of endearment, especially towards a subject who has performed a favour of an act of kindness without expectation of reciprocity
Bricks are rectangular building blocks made from clay mixed with water and baked hard
when the throwoff (pull) lands outside the endzone
Bricks, collectively, as designating that kind of material; as, a load of brick; a thousand of brick
(hey, I really did not make this up, honest!)
A hard, errant shot that caroms wildly off the basket or backboard
a mobile phone, especially one that is large and/or heavy relative to current models
{f} close or pave with bricks, build with bricks; prepare bricks
To lay or pave with bricks; to surround, line, or construct with bricks
{i} building block; block; generous person, good person
a solid masonry rectangular block made from clay and/or shale and burned (or fired) in a kiln The plural of brick may be bricks or brick
An external power supply consisting of a small box with an integral male power plug and an attached electric cord terminating in a power plug. A power brick
rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material a good fellow; helpful and trustworthy
A shot which misses, particularly one which bounces directly out of the basket
 A colloquial name for a hand-held radiotelephone unit
A block of clay which has been molded and baked, used with cement to build
Any oblong rectangular mass; as, a brick of maple sugar; a penny brick (of bread)
A solid masonry unit of clay or shale, formed into a rectangular prism while plastic and burned or fired in a kiln that may have cores or cells comprising of less than 25% of the cross sectional area
Slang term for the last stone of an end
brick by brick
to create or build something in a steady, step-by-step fashion
brick red
warm brownish-red colour similar to that of red clay bricks

brick red colour:.

brick red
Of a warm brownish-red colour similar to that of red clay bricks
brick shithouse
An article built more robustly than its function requires; implies an element of indestructability
brick shithouse
A person with a well-developed body

She looked really fine, a bonafide brick shithouse.

brick shithouses
plural form of brick shithouse

Two razor-scalped brick shithouses in suits, who looked like bouncers at a Hell's Angels dance, started staring at us.

brick up
To block by masonry, particularly using bricks

The tunnel's mouth was bricked up because it was unsafe.

brick veneer
A type of house construction which uses a timber frame for its structure (ie. the roof is held up by timber framing) but has bricks built up around the outside walls. The idea is to give the solid look of a brick building, but with a cheaper construction of merely decorative brickwork
brick veneers
plural form of brick veneer
brick wall
An obstacle

They all ran up against the brick wall of high cost until the cryogenic option was proven feasible in 1973. —.

brick walls
plural form of brick wall
A mass of tea leaves formed into the shape of a brick; a common Russian import and formerly used for barter in Mongolia

Some of them were men from Ladakh, said Lalun, when the last had gone. They brought me brick-tea such as the Russians sell, and a tea-urn from Peshawar..

Refers to traditional, physical, as opposed to digital, structures and vehicles-factories, warehouses, trucks, and retail outlets A brick-and-mortar company is one with little or no significant Web presence
brick-and-mortar location
Buildings and property for the conduct of business, particularly in the sale of retail goods to the general public. Used to contrast an internet-based sales operation that lacks customer-oriented store fronts and a "traditional" one for which most capital investment might be in the building infrastructure
Term used to identify traditional firms doing business the old-fashioned way, from a physical storefront
brick-and-mortar retailer
Buildings and property for the conduct of business, particularly in the sale of retail goods to the general public. Used to contrast an internet-based sales operation that lacks customer-oriented store fronts and a "traditional" one for which most capital investment might be in the building infrastructure
Brick Lane
a road in the East End of London, which has a Sunday street market and many Indian restaurants which serve curry dishes
brick cheese
semisoft sweet American cheese from whole milk in a brick form
brick cheese
{i} brick-shaped form semi-soft American cheese made from whole milk of cows
brick field
{i} brickfield, brickyard, factory where bricks are made
brick in
wall up with brick
brick red
a brownish red colour red
brick red
brick red
a bright reddish brown color
brick trowel
a trowel used in masonry
brick up
{f} close or pave with bricks, build with bricks
A traditional business operation that commonly deals with its customers face-to-face in an office or store that the business owns or rents (e g a retail store or a bank branch) Web-based businesses usually have lower costs and greater flexibility than brick-and-mortar operations
Nickname for a traditional business, refers to its physical location in a building
air brick
A brick size block with holes which is embedded in a wall to allow ventilation through it
built like a brick shithouse
Having a muscular body, particularly with well developed muscles of the chest and arms
built like a brick shithouse
Exceptionally well constructed; strong or tough
built like a brick shithouse
Having an athletic or muscular body; often implying also having large breasts and/or an attractive body. "Over built" for the purpose. More effectively, or handsomely built than is strictly necessary
fire brick
A bright red colour

fire brick colour:.

fire brick
Of a bright red colour
fire brick
Alternative form of firebrick
flying brick
an aircraft which is too heavy and lacks sufficient power to be maneuvered easily
one brick short of a full load

You have to be one brick short of a full load to think that '7' is a letter in the alphabet.

one brick short of a full load
not mentally sound; insane

I feel fine today, but that gentleman conversing with the house plant there may be one brick short of a full load.

red brick universities
plural form of red brick university
red brick university
any traditional British university other than Oxford or Cambridge, especially one founded in the Victorian age in a large city

It took a while before he told me his background: a happy childhood; two degrees - a bachelor’s from a red brick university and an Oxbridge PhD; a relatively high-flying job in academia that he liked rather than loved. -- Adrian Turpin, Financial Times, Not tonight darling, I'm online, March 31, 2006. Retrieved March 31, 2006, from

shat a brick
Simple past tense and past participle of shit a brick
shit a brick
To react strongly or excessively, especially in anger, fear, or astonishment

She was thunderstruck when she came face to face with the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton. At her age, and in that same place, my big brother Bernie, a born scientist who can't draw or paint for sour apples, would have shit an even bigger brick. Kurt Vonnegut, Timequake'', 1997.

shits a brick
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shit a brick
shitted a brick
Simple past tense and past participle of shit a brick
shitting a brick
Present participle of shit a brick
thick as a brick
stupid; slow to learn or understand
yellow brick road
A proverbial path to a Promised Land of one's hopes and dreams

But for Clinton the yellow brick road that led inevitably to the Democratic nomination has suddenly become a little bumpy. -.

yellow-brick road
Alternative form of yellow brick road
{n} imitation of a brick wall on plaster
(Ticaret) Bricks-and-clicks is a business model by which a company integrates both offline (bricks) and online (clicks) presences. It is also known as click-and-mortar or clicks-and-bricks, as well as bricks, clicks and flips, flips referring to catalogs
hit the brick
(deyim) If you hit the brick when you are trying to achieve something, you reach a situation where you cannot make any more progress
(of a British university) founded in the late 19th or early 20th century and with buildings of brick, as distinct from the older universities built of stone
yellow brick road
(Edebiyat) The road of yellow brick is an element in the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. The 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz based on the novel gave it the name by which it is better known, the yellow-brick road. In both novel and movie, it is the path which Dorothy is instructed to follow from Munchkin Country to the Emerald City in order to seek the aid of the Wizard of Oz
arch brick
A wedge-shaped brick used in the building of an arch
as dry as a brick
totally dry
past of brick
present participle of brick
plural of brick
The brick pillars on the left and right at the back of most courts
One of the oldest building materials, brick is based on a mix of clay with silt and sand pressed in molds and then burned in a kiln, which gives the characteristic slightly glazed finish Standard brick sizes vary from country to country and over the years In mainland Europe, for example, bricks are often more slender than those commonly used in the USA and Britain
The name for the inter-GUI data transfer framework (& library) that is part of Cartwheel [ not yet implemented ]
and mortar -refers to a physical building This term was popularized by on-line shopping
drop a brick
(Slang) err, make a mistake
fire brick
fire-resistant brick, brick which is able to withstand intense heat
knock one's head against a brick wall
try and do the impossible; hit one's head against the side of a building
ran his head against a brick wall
ran up against an obstacle, was stopped in his tracks
of or relating to British universities founded in the late 19th century or the 20th century

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    Турецкое произношение



    cube, cinder block, slab, stone


    slang, unbrick


    /ˈbrək/ /ˈbrɪk/


    [ brik ] (noun.) 15th century. Recorded since 1416, from Old French briche, probably from a Germanic source akin to Middle Dutch bricke "a tile", literally "a broken piece", from the verbal root of break


    bricks, bricking, bricked

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    brick up, brick red


    ... the four brick countries plus Israel, probably. Brazil, Russia, India, China, Israel. Without ...
    ... on every single brick of the empire state building.  Every screw, every bolt, you can ...

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