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One of the bowls used in the French game of boules
A single-crystal ingot produced by synthetic means
{i} senate of ancient Greece
Legislature of modern Greece
From the French word meaning buckled, a woven or knit fabric with a looped or knotted surface that creates a spongy effect It is used in sportswear and coats
Deliberative council in the city-states of ancient Greece. It existed in almost all constitutional city-states, especially from the late 6th century BC. In Athens the boule was created as an aristocratic body by Solon in 594 BC; later, under Cleisthenes, 500 members were elected to represent the 10 tribes (50 each). A certain number, in rough proportion to size, were allotted to each deme. Complementing the work of the ecclesia and areopagus, the boule controlled finances, managed the fleet and cavalry, evaluated officials, received foreign ambassadors, and advised the strategus. The boule model largely influenced the organization of councils of other cities in the Hellenic period
A log live edge sawn as kept together in the order of sawing allows grain matching
A ball-shaped loaf of bread that's baked without a pan in the oven
an inlaid furniture decoration; tortoiseshell and yellow and white metal form scrolls in cabinetwork
A legislative council of elders or chiefs; a senate
A sausage-shaped synthetic single-crystal mass grown in a special furnace, pulled and turned at a rate necessary to maintain the single-crystal structure during growth
Same as Buhl, Buhlwork
After Andre C Boule (French 1642 - 1732); elaborate inlay work distinguished by intricate often lacy, brass designs Can be combined with various rare woods, ivory, and tortoise shell to form complex designs
plural form of boule
Boules is a game in which a small ball is thrown and then the players try to throw other balls as close to the first ball as possible. French ball game, similar to bowls and boccie. Players take turns throwing or rolling a steel ball as close as possible to a small target ball; an opponent's ball may be knocked away if necessary. The playing field is called a pitch
bowls; games played with metal balls
plural of boule

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    /ˈbo͞ol/ /ˈbuːl/


    [ 'bü-(")lE, bü-'lA ] (noun.) 1846. French boule

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