blew out

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blew out of proportion
exaggerated, attached more significance than is realistic
blow out
To extinguish something, especially a flame

He blew out the match.

blow out
In a sporting contest, to dominate and defeat an opposing team, especially by a large scoring margin

The No. 1-rated football team proceeded to blow out its undermanned opponent.

blow out
To deflate quickly on being punctured

The tire blew out on a corner.

blow out
melt, break, or become otherwise unusable; "The lightbulbs blew out"; "The fuse blew"
blow out
1. If you blow out a flame or a candle, you blow at it so that it stops burning. I blew out the candle. see also blowout
blow out
turn out, turn off, extinguish (e.g. a candle)
blow out
erupt in an uncontrolled manner; "The oil well blew out"
blow out
put out, as of fires, flames, or lights; "Too big to be extinguished at once, the forest fires at best could be contained"; "quench the flames"; "snuff out the candles"
blow out
erupt in an uncontrolled manner; "The oil well blew out
blew out

    Турецкое произношение

    blu aut


    /ˈblo͞o ˈout/ /ˈbluː ˈaʊt/


    ... surged through my capacity bang.  And then I heard a pop, pop, pop sound as I blew out ...
    ... sudden two tires on the left side of the car blew out. ...

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