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ısrarlı istek

O, Telefon dinlemesinin üstlerinin emirleri ile yürütüldüğü şeklinde ifade verdi. - He testified that the wire-tapping was carried out at the behest of his superiors.

acil rica/emir
{i} ısrarlı istek, ısrar: She would sometimes sing at the behest of friends. Arkadaşlarının ısrarlı istekleri üzerine bazen
at smb.'s behest
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A command, especially an authoritative one
A request, especially an urgent one
To promise; vow
{n} a command, order, message, promise
In the condition of, or like, a beggar; suitable for a beggar; extremely indigent; poverty-stricken; mean
One who is dependent upon others for support; a contemptuous or sarcastic use
That which is willed or ordered; a command; a mandate; an injunction
{i} request; command
If something is done at someone's behest, it is done because they have ordered or requested it. In 1970, at his new wife's behest, they moved to Southampton. at the behest of sb because someone has asked for something or ordered something to happen
an authoritative command or request One who makes it his business to ask alms
an authoritative command or request
A vow; a promise
To vow
To reduce to beggary; to impoverish; as, he had beggared himself
To cause to seem very poor and inadequate
One who assumes in argument what he does not prove
The condition of being a beggar; also, the class of beggars
The quality or state of being beggarly; meanness
plural of behest

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    /bəˈhest/ /bɪˈhɛst/


    [ bi-'hest ] (noun.) 12th century. From Middle English behest (“promise, command”), from Old English behǣs (“vow, promise”), derived from Proto-Germanic *bi (“be-”), *haissijō (“command”), from *haitanan (“to command”), related to Old English behātan (“to command, promise”), Middle Low German beheit, behēt (“a promise”). Possibly blended with hest (“command”). More at hight.

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