bath mitzvah party

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party celebrating a Jewish girl's Bat Mitzvah (coming of age ceremony)
Bath Party
or Baath Party Arab political party that advocates formation of a single Arab socialist state. It was founded in Damascus, Syria, by Michel Aflaq and Sal al-Dn al-Br in 1943 and in 1953 merged with the Syrian Socialist Party to form the Arab Socialist Bath Party. It espoused nonalignment and opposition to imperialism and colonialism. It gained control of Syria in 1963 after the failure of a short-lived union with Egypt and of Iraq in 1968 after a series of coups there; the Iraqi branch of the party was toppled as a result of the Second Persian Gulf War (2003). The party also has branches in other Middle Eastern countries. See also Pan-Arabism; Hfiz al-Assad; Saddm Hussein
bath mitzvah party

    Расстановка переносов

    Bath mitz·vah par·ty

    Турецкое произношение

    bäth mîtsvı pärti


    /ˈbaᴛʜ ˈmətsvə ˈpärtē/ /ˈbæθ ˈmɪtsvə ˈpɑːrtiː/

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