bath chairs

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bath chair
tekerlekli iskemle
bath chair
tekerlekli sandalye
bath chair
İng. (üstü bazen kapalı) tekerlekli sandalye
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plural form of Bath chair
Bath chair
A hooded wheelchair used especially for invalids, typically at a spa. a special chair with wheels and a cover, used in the past for moving someone old or sick around wheelchair
bath chair
wheelchair that is especially used for invalids at a health spa; wheel-chair with a cover
bath chair
a wheelchair usually pushed by an attendant, as at a spa
bath chairs

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    Bath chairs

    Турецкое произношение

    bäth çerz


    /ˈbaᴛʜ ˈʧerz/ /ˈbæθ ˈʧɛrz/

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