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The bristle or beard of barley, oats, grasses, etc., or any similar bristlelike appendage; arista
{n} the beard of corn or grass
a narrow, terminal bristle
The bristle or beard of barley, oats, grasses, etc
A slender bristle of a grass floret
{i} bristle on a plant (Botany)
experimental side project of Eric Allen, bass player of Apples in Stereo and Perry Weissman 3 Has released one CD on the Perhaps Transparent label See also: Eric Allen, Apples in Stereo, Perry Weissman 3, Shrat Field Recordings
A bristle characteristic of the spikelets in some grasses
A slender, stiff, bristle-like extension of a plant part, such as the beard on wheat See drawing of parts of a grass plant
A bristle-shaped appendage, especially on grass seeds or grains
Automated Weather Network; Air Force high-speed weather data communications network
or any similar bristlelike appendage; arista
A stiff bristle, especially on the grains of cereals and grasses
a stiff and bristle-like appendage, often at the apex of a leaf, sepal or petal The sepals of Passiflora coccinea end in a awn
slender bristlelike appendage found on the bracts of grasses
An awn



    [ 'on ] (noun.) 12th century. Middle English aw(u)ne, agune, agene, from Old Danish aghn (compare modern avne), from Proto-Germanic *aganō, *ahanō 'chaff' (compare Old English ægnan, Frisian/Dutch agen, German Ahne, Agen), from Proto-Indo-European *ak̑anā (compare Old Latin agna 'ear of wheat', Lithuanian ašnìs 'edge, blade', Czech osina, Ancient Greek ákaina 'spike, prick', ákanos 'pine-thistle', Sanskrit aśáni 'thunderbolt, arrow tip'), from *h₂eḱ 'sharp'. More at edge.


    awning, awned

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