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Avangart: Avangart (Fransızca: avant-garde), Fransızca askeri bir terim olan öncü birlik sözcüğünden gelir. Gerek Fransızca'da gerek diğer dillerde kültür, sanat ve politika ile bağlantılı olarak, yenilikçi veya deneysel işler veya kişiler anlamına gelir. Avangart sanat, kültür, gerçeklik tanımları içindeki kabul edilmiş normları sarsıp sınırlarını değiştirmeyi amaç edinir. Bu normlar sosyal reformdan estetik deneyimlerin değişimine kadar çeşitlilik gösterebilir
yenilik getirenler
yenilik yaratan
öncü olanlar
yenilik getiren
yenilik getirenler yeni moda yaratan
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Any group of people who invent or promote new techniques or concepts, especially in the arts
Innovative, pioneering, especially when extremely or obviously so

It was a very avant-garde production.

The vanguard of an army or other force

Lyonses and Pharyaunce had the aduant garde, and they two knyghtes mette with kyng Idres and his felauship, and there began a grete medele of brekyng of speres and smytynge of swerdys with sleynge of men and horses.

Of, relating to, or being part of an innovative group, especially one in the arts
Those whose work can be characterized as unorthodox and experimental
A style of music on the forefront of experimentation; originally applied to jazz styles such as freebop and expressionism
a dated term signifying the newest artistic expressions usually in contrast to anything mainstream or embraced by society as a whole
radically new or original; "an avant-garde theater piece"
The innovating artists or writers who promote the use of new or experimental concepts or techniques (See Imagism, Impressionism, Objectivism, Realism, Symbolism)
French for advance- guard Term used to describe artists using innovative or experimental techniques
French for advance guard" or "vanguard " Those considered the leaders (and often regarded as radicals) in the invention and application of new concepts in a given field
is a group regarded as pre-eminent or in the forefront with an invention and application of new techniques in a given field They create enough interest in what they are doing and set a path for others to follow
A French military term meaning "in the forefront" which in the 19C was applied to artists or movements considered to be new, radical, and often and revolutionary For example, the ideas and work of Edouard Manet were regarded as avant-garde within the context of 19C French Salon painting
any artist, critic, or group considered in the vanguard of artistic innovation
any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts) radically new or original; "an avant-garde theater piece
Intellectual, literary, or artistic movement that breaks with tradition and seems ahead of its time
any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)
(a-vahnt guard) Advanced or forward thinking fashion design French term for "advance guard"
French for vanguard Artists and movements that stand at the cutting-edge of artistic production, often in opposition to established ideas and traditions
French term for "vanguard", a term that describes artists and their art that stand at the beginning of a movement that often does not conform to the traditional or previously accepted ideas or standards
Avant-garde art, music, theatre, and literature is very modern and experimental. avant-garde concert music. Avant-garde is also a noun. He was an enthusiast for the avant-garde
In the most advanced style
avant-garde art
art which uses experimental and unconventional methods
avant-garde literature
literature which makes use of experimental or unconventional techniques
avant-garde music
{i} experimental music, music which makes use of experimental or unconventional techniques and challenges accepted concepts of what music is
A person who is avant-garde or espouses avant-garde points of view
avant garde
In any art the most daring of the experimentalists , innovation of original and unconventional designs , ideas or techniques during particular period Forward thinking or advanced
avant garde
Tomorrow's mainstream
avant garde
(French ) The van or advanced guard of an army
avant garde
{i} foremost division of an army, "the vanguard" (French)
avant garde
{s} innovative, experimental, unconventional; of or pertaining to avant-garde; (Arts) new and experimental
The artists of a time considered the most progressive, original or modern