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Semptomsuz, belirti vermeksizin
(Tıp) belirti vermeyen
asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis
asemptomatik karotis arter stenozu, asemptomatik karotis arter darlığı
belirti vermeyen bir halde
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Not exhibiting any symptoms of disease
to be without noticeable symptoms of disease
Refers to infection or disease without signs of illness Many patients with hepatitis B or C do not have any symptoms during a new or chronic infection; they are considered to be asymptomatic
without obvious clinical signs of disease
Neither causing nor exhibiting symptoms Ataxia A loss of muscular coordination
without obvious signs or symptoms of disease
If someone with a disease is asymptomatic, it means that they do not show any symptoms of the disease. I have patients who are HIV-positive and asymptomatic. if someone or the illness that they have is asymptomatic, the illness has no physical signs
Showing no symptoms
adj Without obvious signs or symptoms of disease
Neither causing nor exhibiting symptoms
No symptoms; no clear sign of disease present
{s} without symptoms
Presenting no signs or symptoms of disease
Without symptoms Many illnesses begin with a period during which there are no symptoms
not showing symptoms
not having symptoms
Symptomless, exhibiting or producing no symptoms
Not having any symptoms of a disease Many cancers can develop and grow without producing symptoms, especially in the early stages Screening tests such as mammograms help to find these early cancers, when the chances for sure are usually highest
Having no symptoms or signs of illness
Having no symptoms HCV: Hepatitis C virus
having no symptoms of illness or disease
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(Tıp) Herhangi bir semptomu (belirtisi) olmayan hastalık durumu

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    /ˌāˌsəmptəˈmatək/ /ˌeɪˌsɪmptəˈmætɪk/

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