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Of a shape, not symmetric
Not symmetrical; wanting proportion; esp
This refers to data transmission where the upstream and downstream speeds are different Typically, the downstream speeds are much greater than the upstream speeds Contrast with symmetric Related terms: Data, Symmetric, Downstream, Upstream
characterized by asymmetry in the spatial arrangement or placement of parts or components
Unequal distribution about one or more axes
A data connection is asymmetric when upstream and downstream transmission speeds are substantially different Some cable modem providers offer highly asymmetric service, where downstream speeds are much greater than upstream, in attempts to discourage telecommuting and home office uses of the network Slow upstream connections limit the ability of the public to author Internet content, rather than merely consume it
Not symmetric, i e , unbalanced An asymmetric telecom channel has more bandwidth (i e speed) in one direction than in the other There are reasons for this, for example, your PC receives more off the Internet than it sends
Refers to a data connection where upstream and downstream transmission speeds are substantially different Local broadband operators generally provide asymmetric services with upstream speeds about half of downstream speeds
{s} not symmetrical, lacking balance and proportion
not bilaterally symmetrical
A term used to explain the offset current waveform that can occur when a fault is initiated; the composite quantity of the transient current (dc component) and the steady state current (ac component); usually considered to be 1 6 times the symmetric for most electrical distribution systems
Not similar in size, shape, form or arrangement of parts on opposite sides of a line, point or plane
Asymmetric means the same as asymmetrical. symmetric
To use the principle of informal, not formal balance A garment may be on one shoulder or draped to one side First introduced in the 1920's by Madeleine Vionnet of Paris
No recognizable pattern or proportion In public key cryptography, an assymetric set of keys leaves no sensible way of associating them
Different or uneven speeds by direction The faster direction is called the main channel while the slower direction is the back channel
Faster in one direction than the other The faster direction is called the main channel and the slower direction is referred to as the back channel
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
A communications system (or part thereof) characterised by moderately high speeds, different in each direction
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines
plural form of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
asymmetric bars
The uneven bars
asymmetric centre
An atom having a spatial arrangement of ligands which is not superposable on its mirror image
asymmetric centres
plural form of asymmetric centre
asymmetric cryptography
cryptography in which the key used in decryption is different from that used for encryption

One advantage of asymmetric cryptography is that you can exchange data without sharing the ability to read it.

asymmetric synthesis
The synthesis of a specific enantiomer of a compound (or of a mixture containing more of one enantioner than the other)
asymmetric warfare
armed conflict between belligerents having different strengths and weaknesses

Examples include Agincourt, Vietnam and the War on Terrorism.

asymmetric information
In economics and contract theory, an information asymmetry is present when one party to a transaction has more or better information than the other party. (This is also called a state of asymmetric information). Most commonly, information asymmetries are studied in the context of principal-agent problems. In 2001, the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel was awarded to George Akerlof, Michael Spence, and Joseph E. Stiglitz "for their analyses of markets with asymmetric information."
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
digital telephone line for fast Internet connection through regular telephone cables (the line is asymmetrical because the connection is faster in one direction than the other), ADSL
asymmetric synthesis
Chemical reaction by which unequal amounts of two product isomers are formed. It is normally not possible to synthesize from materials that do not have optical activity (i.e., are not chiral) one stereoisomer of a chiral compound without the other, but use of a chiral auxiliary, such as an enzyme or other catalyst, a solvent, or an intermediate, can force the reaction to produce predominantly or only one isomer. Asymmetric syntheses are often called stereoselective; if one product forms exclusively, it is stereospecific