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To submit (a dispute) to such judgment
To assign an object an arbitrary value, or otherwise arbitrarily determine it

We wish to show f is continuous. Arbitrate epsilon greater than zero.

To make a judgment (on a dispute) as an arbitrator or arbiter
to act or give judgment as umpire
{v} to hear and judge as an arbitrator
To act as arbitrator or judge; as, to arbitrate upon several reports; to arbitrate in disputes among neighbors; to arbitrate between parties to a suit
When someone in authority arbitrates between two people or groups who are in dispute, they consider all the facts and make an official decision about who is right. He arbitrates between investors and members of the association The tribunal had been set up to arbitrate in the dispute. + arbitrator arbitrators ar·bi·tra·tor He served as an arbitrator in a series of commercial disputes in India. to officially judge how an argument between two opposing sides should be settled arbitrate between (past participle of arbitrari, from arbiter; ARBITER)
To decide, or determine generally
{f} mediate, act as a mediator in a dispute; serve as a judge
To hear and decide, as arbitrators; as, to choose to arbitrate a disputed case
act between parties with a view to reconciling differences; "He interceded in the family dispute"; "He mediated a settlement"
To decide; to determine
{s} settled by a mutually chosen mediator
past of arbitrate
third-person singular of arbitrate
present participle of arbitrate