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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{i} yıldönümü

O, evlilik yıldönümünü unuttu. - He forgot his wedding anniversary.

Mutlu evlilik yıldönümü. - Happy wedding anniversary.

yıl dönümü

Bu Tom ve Mary'nin evlilik yıl dönümü. - It's Tom and Mary's anniversary.

Yıl dönümümüzü unuttum. - I forgot our anniversary.

(Bilgisayar) evlilik yıldönümü

Bugün karım ve ben yirminci evlilik yıldönümümüzü kutluyoruz. - Today my wife and I are celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary.

Sen ve Tom evlilik yıldönümünüz için ne yapacaksınız? - What are you and Tom going to do for your anniversary?

{i} yıldönümü kutlaması
senei devriye
yıl dönümünü kutlama

Tom ve Mary birlikte olmalarının birinci yıl dönümünü kutlamak için romantik bir akşam yemeği verdiler. - Tom and Mary had a romantic dinner to celebrate the first anniversary of their being together.


Mary'nin kocası gecikmiş yıldönümü yemekleri için onu fantazi Fransız restoranına götürdü. - Mary's husband took her to the fancy French restaurant for their belated anniversary dinner.

Tom ve Mary yakında 13. evlilik yıldönümlerini kutlayacaklar. - Tom and Mary will have their 13th wedding anniversary soon.

anniversary date
yıldönümü tarih
anniversary excitement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) yıldönümü heyecanı
anniversary hypothesis
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) yıldönümü hipotezi
anniversary reaction
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) yıldönümü tepkisi
anniversary trigger
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) yıldönümü tetikleyici
foundation anniversary
kuruluş yıldönümü
golden wedding anniversary
evliliğin 50.yılı kutlaması
25th anniversary
25 yıldönümü

Onlar yıldönümlerini nasıl kutlarlar? - How do they celebrate anniversaries?

golden anniversary
altın yıldönümü
happy anniversary
mutlu yıllar
silver anniversary
gümüş yıldönümü
wedding anniversary
evlilik yıldönümü
wedding anniversary
Evlilik yıl dönümü
birth anniversary
doğum yıldönümü
birth anniversary
doğum yıl dönümü
hundredth anniversary
yüzüncü yıl dönümü
wedding anniversary
evlenme yıldönümü
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Of a significant event, a day that is an exact number of years (to the day) since the event occurred. Often preceded by an ordinal number indicating the number of years that have elapsed since the event

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the war.

Such, where the event is a wedding

We are celebrating our tenth anniversary today.

{n} a yearly commemoration or feast
{a} yearly, returning with the year
= See Policy Anniversary
The beginning of a subscriber group's benefit year A subscriber group with a year coinciding with the calendar year would be said to have a January 1st anniversary
n a yearly celebration or observance of an event that happened in the past
Refers to the beginning of a new benefit year for a specific subscriber group For example, January 1 would be the anniversary date for a subscriber group that is enrolled for a calendar year
The anniversary of the date of issue of a policy as shown in the policy declarations
Most lenders allow borrowers to make a payment on the anniversary of the mortgage (For a mortgage assumed on June 1, a payment can be made every subsequent June 1 for the term of the mortgage ) It is applied against the principal and is a good way of reducing a loan
the date on which an event occurred in some previous year (or the celebration of it)
noun event
SpudIT considers your Anniversary date to be one year from the time that you subscribe to one of SpudIT's subscription services (i e RigtrackIT) This is the date upon which your current subscription will expire and your access will be restricted, unless your renew your subscription prior to the anniversary date
The day on which Mass is said yearly for the soul of a deceased person; the commemoration of some sacred event, as the dedication of a church or the consecration of a pope
Returning with the year, at a stated time; annual; yearly; as, an anniversary feast
The annual return of the day on which any notable event took place, or is wont to be celebrated; as, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence
The celebration which takes place on an anniversary day
{i} yearly date commemorating a special event; birthday
An anniversary is a date which is remembered or celebrated because a special event happened on that date in a previous year. the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Ho Chi Minh. anniversaries a date on which something special or important happened in a previous year
Of a significant event, a day that is an exact number of years (to the day) since the event occurred; often preceded by an ordinal number indicating the number of years that have elapsed since the event
Specifically, a wedding anniversary
plural of anniversary
diamond anniversary
{i} 60th or 75th wedding anniversary
diamond anniversary
One celebrated upon the completion of sixty, or, according to some, seventy-five, years from the beginning of the thing commemorated
diamond anniversary
the date that is exactly 60 years after the date when two people were married or after some other important date
diamond wedding anniversary
the 60th wedding anniversary
golden anniversary
golden anniversaries the date that is exactly 50 years after the beginning of something, especially a wedding diamond anniversary, silver anniversary silver anniversary British Equivalent: golden wedding British Equivalent: golden jubilee
golden wedding anniversary
the 50th wedding anniversary
happy anniversary
phrase said to wish someone joy on a wedding anniversary
ruby wedding anniversary
{i} 40th wedding anniversary
silver anniversary
silver wedding anniversary
silver wedding anniversary
the date that is exactly 25 years after the date of a wedding
silver wedding anniversary
the 25th wedding anniversary
wedding anniversary
yearly return of the date of a couple's marriage day
wedding anniversary
the anniversary of the day on which you were married (or the celebration of it)

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    /ˌanəˈvərsərē/ /ˌænəˈvɜrsɜriː/


    [ "a-n&-v&rs-rE, -v& ] (noun.) 13th century. From the Latin adjective anniversarius, "returning yearly", from vertere, "to turn", + annus, "year".


    ... And congratulations to you, Mr. President, on your anniversary. I'm sure this was the ...
    ... me. (Laughter.) And so I just want to wish, Sweetie, you happy anniversary and let you ...