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American Express
(isim) american express [fin.]
American Express
{i} american express [fin.]
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American Express
stock exchange that lists over 3000 publicly-traded companies, largest stock exchange in the United States (located on Wall Street in New York City)
American Stock Exchange. a short form of American Express
American Stock Exchange The third largest stock exchange in the United States It is also the second largest options exchange in the world The AMEX is located in New York and handles approximately 10% of all securities traded in the States The AMEX has recently merged with the Nasdaq The AMEX was known as the "Curb Exchange" until 1921 It used to be a strong competitor to the NYSE, but that role has since been filled by the Nasdaq Almost all trading now on the AMEX is in small-cap stocks and derivatives
The second largest stock exchange in the US is located in the financial district of New York City at 86 Trinity Place As a general rule, the securities traded on the AMEX are those of small to mid-size corporations The AMEX also trades options of many NYSE securities and some OTC securities
The American Stock Exchange
American Stock Exchange
a stock exchange in New York
American Exchange It is a national exchange which has less stringent listing requirements
The American Stock Exchange, Inc
Abbreviation for American Express, an organization that issues travel and entertainment cards and acquires transactions
American Stock Exchange Most US ETFs trade on the Amex
Abbreviation for American Stock Exchange
The American Stock Exchange, the second largest floor-based exchange in the U S
See: American Stock Exchange
The American Stock Exchange, in New York <top>