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(Konuşma Dili) rekor
all the time

Evren yıldızlarla doluysa, neden onların hepsinden gelen ışık tüm gökyüzünü sürekli parlatmıyor? - If the universe is full of stars, why doesn't the light from all of them add up to make the whole sky bright all the time?

Bugün hava harika fakat bu günlerde hep yağmur yağdı. - The weather today is great, but lately it's been raining all the time.

all time favourite
Tüm zamanların en gözdesi
all the time
her zaman

O her zaman orada kaldı. - He stayed there all the time.

The New York Times onun galerisini her zaman eleştirir. - The New York Times reviews her gallery all the time.

in no time at all
in no time at all
in no time at all
çok çabuk
all the time

Sürekli burnumu temizlemek zorundayım. - I have to blow my nose all the time.

Tom, onlar ilkokuldayken, sürekli Mary'ye sataşırdı. - Tom used to pick on Mary all the time when they were in elementary school.

all the time
all the time
ıf.sürece: prep.her zaman
all in good time
Tüm zamanında
Tüm Zamanların
for all time
her zaman için
in all this time he's only done one noteworthy thing
kedi olalı bir fare tutmak
in all time
bu zamana kadar gelen, bütün zamanların
time cures all things
zaman tedavileri her şeyi
all in good time
zamanı gelince olur
all in good time
(deyim) uygun bir zamanda
all in good time
müsait bir zamanda
all the time
her zaman, daima, hep
all time
diğerlerinden üstün
all time
tam günlük
all time
all time high
en yüksek seviye
all time low
en düşük seviye
at all sorts of time
vakitli vakitsiz
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
unsurpassed up to the present time
unsurpassed in some respect up to the present; "prices at an all-time high"; "morale at an all-time low"; "among the all-time great lefthanders
You use all-time when you are comparing all the things of a particular type that there have ever been. For example, if you say that something is the all-time best, you mean that it is the best thing of its type that there has ever been. The president's popularity nationally is at an all-time low Duane Eddy is John Peel's all-time favourite artist. used when you compare things to say that one of them is the best, worst etc that there has ever been an all-time high/low
all in good time
One should be patient

All in good time!.

all in good time
At a suitable moment in time

Don't worry! I'm sure it will arrive all in good time.

all of the time
Alternative form of all the time
all the time
Very often; frequently

I have never been this excited about having an album. I play it all the time.

all the time
Always; constantly; for the complete duration

The public does not wish to be outraged in this way all the time.

time heals all wounds
Negative feelings eventually erode away
all in good time
everything at a suitable time
all the time
without respite; "he plays chess day in and day out"
all the time
constantly, continually
all time
of all time; never better; unexcelled, unsurpassed (e.g. "An all-time favorite movie")
of all time
ever: at any time; "did you ever smoke?"; "the best con man of all time"



    [ 'ol-"tIm ] (adjective.) 1914. all + time


    ... matter, if you think you're so smart, here's the mother of all time travel stories, and ...
    ... by sample surveys in 1995.  We are at an all time high of hunger in this country.   ...

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