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Düşmanın ilerlemesini durdur. - Stop the enemy's advancement.

Wolfgang Bilimin İlerlemesi için Max Planck Topluluğu için çalışır. - Wolfgang works for the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science.

(Tıp) avansman
(Tıp) Bir kası veya kirişi keserek kökenine yakın diğer bir noktaya bağlama ameliyesi: Düzenleme (özellikle şaşılık için uygulanır)
{i} gelişme
(Tıp) Gelişme, inkişaf
advancement exam
terfi sınavı
advancement of technology
teknolojinin gelişmesi
opportunity for advancement
ilerleme şansı
opportunity for advancement
yükselme fırsatı
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An advance of money or value; payment in advance
Property given, usually by a parent to a child, in advance of a future distribution
The act of advancing, or the state of being advanced; progression; improvement; furtherance; promotion to a higher place or dignity; as, the advancement of learning
{n} promotion, improvement, progression
gradual improvement or growth or development; "advancement of knowledge"; "great progress in the arts"
encouragement of the progress or growth or acceptance of something
Obsolete term: Refer - "Research Area"The process whereby areas of research are reinvested This is mainly done via a contestible process (e g call for proposals, tenders, etc ) The exception to this is a negotiated approach which will be used in special circumstances (e g where exceptional levels of co-funding are demonstrated, i e research consortia; or in key areas where there is only one research provider in New Zealand) An advancement is often based around a set of portfolios (e g Food & Fibre) or an area of research (e g GMO)
In a legal sense, a gift made during lifetime by one who dies without a will The advancement must be taken into account as a reduction of the share of inheritance
A payment or distribution to a beneficiary of a part of his/her share of capital before the time fixed for his/her attainment of an absolute interest in possession
a gift given to a living child in anticipation of inheritance
PeopleSoft application not purchased by University of Houston System The BSR Advance CS product is being utilized by the University of Houston
the act of moving forward toward a goal
An amount of funds or other type of assets is given to a potential heir during the lifetime of that person, intended as an advance against future heir's share of the estate
A ceremony where a girl "advances" to the next level, i e : Sparks to Brownies, Brownies to Guides, etc
The advancement of something is the process of helping it to progress or the result of its progress. ..her work for the advancement of the status of women. progress or development in your job, level of knowledge etc
See Advance, 5
gradual improvement or growth or development; "advancement of knowledge"; "great progress in the arts
{i} forward movement, progress; promotion
Settlement on a wife, or jointure
Advancement is progress in your job or in your social position. He cared little for social advancement
institutional advancement
a division of an institution focused on the improvement of the entity, primarily involved in fundraising activities. It is, therefore, heavily involved in communications (especially alumni relations), marketing, and public relations
The promotion of one's own qualities or abilities
Harry S Truman Research Institute for the Advancement
U.S. based institute that works towards world peace
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
the full name of the NAACP
plural of advancement
association for the advancement of retired persons
an association of people to promote the welfare of senior citizens